Goodbye, JP and US Cyworld.

A lot of changes is happening right now: Facebook Live Feed, new Social Site interfaces, and now, the shutting down of the JP and US Cyworld.


US Cyworld Notice


JP Cyworld Notice

*Zoom in for a larger image.

Cyworld has played a huge part on my Internet-Social life, from looking for International friends and sharing each others culture, and yeah, friends. Because of Cyworld, my mind was opened to a lot of ideas and diversities. I used to be an all-South Korea-fan before, that’s why I joined Cyworld. I even made different Cyworld accounts to check what’s in Taiwan, China, Japan Cyworld that is different from US and Korea Cyworld. And because of Cyworld, I was able to debate about stuff with a 14-year-old Korean guy.
To read my review (written when I was 15), read here: CyWorld Addiction.
For the debate, check: Debate 1, Debate 2

Each Cyworld has different interfaces and different… Mini-Me’s. I like KO, CH and TW’s Mini-me’s because they look a lot like me (I’m Asian, that’s why), and they have better styles in accessories. But now I haven’t updated those accounts so the minirooms look really plain. I’m sorry.

So here is a last look on my US Cyworld Page. I admit, I really miss the oooooold US Cy. And I will continue to miss it now that they are planning to shut it down. T^T


Bye US Cyworld.

And I regret that I wasn’t even able to take a screenshot of my JP Cyworld. I found that it was already shut down now that it’s too late. I will miss my Japanese friends. Only my US, CH and TW accounts are ready for viewing, but they weren’t updated. Well if you want to be a member of this, check out the original Cyworld page, but it is only available in Korean [and it’s already under the NATE website].


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