Those signs signaled me.

It’s alarming. I tried not to believe in coincidences and signs anymore, but just when I asked for it, it came. I believe He really hears our prayers.

Emzi and I were ranting about the “rumors” about Yuto and Yamada the other day, and I guess we still could not get over it. We do not know when to let go, when finally we talked about it. I told her that if I saw another Yutong bus, I’d not give up. She said that it was inevitable. Lol yeah, I was crazy. So

I told her that if I would be able to see a horse/beetle tomorrow (which is yesterday), I would not let go of Yuto. Which is kind of impossible because where in my university and in Manila would I be able to find a horse/beetle?! That night too, I prayed to God to give me a sign, whatever sign that I should/not let go of Yuto.

And I realized… it was not really that impossible.

I went to wait for a bus at 11am, and it was crazy that I was not able to find a Yutong bus that day, because it usually shows up at that time (like it does on the past few days). So yeah, I rode this red-yellow-blue-white bus that I hate to ride, and tried to shift my thoughts to horses and beetles. I put on my earphones and listened to nothing else but music, and I kind of forgot about the horses and beetles.

Until it was almost time for me to leave the bus, I looked up at the television and removed my earphones. I stared at the guy dancing to the tune of Tokyo Drift.

Pia Guanio: So Natsuya, saan mo mas gustong manatili? Dito ba sa Pinas o sa Japan?

Natsuya: Syempre dito po sa Pilipinas

Pia Guanio: Kahit nasa Japan mga magulang mo?

Natsuya: *agreed*

Pia/Tito Sen: Bakit mo napiling manatili dito sa Pilipinas?

Natsuya explained blaaahh.

So I was like O____O atm because why did I even remove my earphones AND look at the television when I didn’t dare look at it the past minutes? I shrugged and went down the bus.

I rode a jeep, and there are only a few people in it. I couldn’t stop thinking of the horse/beetles stuff and this time I was feeling hopeless. I want to get out of the jeepney and get back home. Until the jeep stopped at Lawton…

  1. I saw another jeepney with a Japanese flag painted on it, along with the signs Gemini and Virgo (I don’t get the signs, though).
  2. And the jeepneys reminded me that there certain jeeps that have little statues of horses on their hoods! So I just looked out the window and tried to catch one. Something like this:


    The horse! See it?

    1…2…3…uncountable number of jeeps passed and I haven’t gotten one. Then the stop light turned red. I bowed down and stared outside again, and I kind of screamed when I saw this jeep with something on its hood!


  3. It’s crazy. I am really hopeless. I frowned at the sight of it. And then a jeep came beside it, and OH-MY-FREAKING-GOSH! At that spot, I saw what I was waiting for, a jeep with a horse! Only that it was green and it was a PEGASUS. BUT STILL, A HORSE! YAAAAAAY.
  4. And finally, I’m already at UST. Pre-sectioning sucks, we were left with a corny schedule. I have to stay at the university 7pm every Thursdays. But somehow it’s cool, I don’t have to wake up at 4am. I’m never a morning person. Earliest class starts at 11am, regulars at 12/1pm. COOL. NOT.

    After the pre-sectioning, we went out the university and to my surprise…!!!

  5. A kalesa was hurrying on the street!

    It looked exactly like this!

    I rarely see a kalesa in UST because it is a place full of cars, jeeps, etc. But it was… WHOA! I nagged Janette to take a picture of it but before she did, it’s already meters away. >_<

  6. While crossing the pedestrian lane from UST to Legarda, the cars stopped and I screamed when I saw this jeep with a HORSE on its hood. (Horse now, not pegasus! :>)
  7. At Legarda St., we stopped by at Jollibee because Marie, Phi, and others went to buy sundaes. I was staring (again) on the street when another kalesa swooped by!
  8. So far, I got 4 horses. I haven’t seen any beetles. But when I told Marie and Clarence about the horse-beetle stuff, when I yelled, “Beetle na lang kulang!“, a leaf dropped to my arm and I shouted because I thought it was a bug. Marie and Clarence said, “Ayan! Yan na yung beetle.” They laughed.

    Janette’s party was great. Her mom begged us to dance Nobody but I refused, because not only our guy classmates were there but also Janette’s High School friends. I ate to my heart’s content, especially the pink gelatin. I love it!

  9. On the way to the MRT station (going home!), I was staring out the FX when we passed by this beautiful Japanese restaurant beside the Valle Verde Country Club. It was so big, it didn’t even look like a restaurant. More like the country club’s lobby.
  10. A few kilometers after, I saw big Japanese store along the intersection if I-don’t-know-where. It’s name is Daiso Japanese Store, “Everything at Php88”. LOL! 8, my favorite number.
  11. And at the end of the day, when my classmates and I said our goodbyes and bound to different MRT lanes, I felt like wanting to pee. Clarence and I went down at Ayala station and went to SM Ayala’s CR, and before we got through it, we stopped behind this big poster beside the escalator that read:


The JCB Promotion

I wish I’m a JCB Cardholder. Clarence stopped because there were a lot of people rushing through the escalator, and I just did the same.

So, should I believe in everything that I saw? Coincidences? Signs? Now what?

And that’s how my day ended. It rained so hard, but I was fine. :]
I just noticed, there were 8 signs at this post. And 8 signs on the previous one. And I really didn’t mean it!

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