Give me a SIGN.

A lot of signs with regards to Yuto Nakajima happened to me since Tuesday. I know, this is just so crazy. Everything seems to be connected with him. Or it’s just me.

  1. I saw 1 bus with the plate number NYJ 951 and another one with NYK 598 on the way home from my university. I saw the first one at Quiapo and the second one at Lawton. They are both green buses.

  2. I saw the bus with the plate number NYH 828 the following day. It is green too.

  3. I saw another one another day, I just forgot when, plate number NYL 538. Green.

  4. Sunday, we went to visit some of our relatives in Valenzuela. On the way out of Las Piñas, I saw the purple “Yutong” bus ahead of us, and I took a picture of it. It was not that clear though. Yuto’s name is in the bus’s name and purple is my favorite color.

  5. Yutong Bus.

    The "T" was topped off by the rosary.

  6. My display picture in Y!M is Yuto’s funny face, and when I decided to change it, it won’t. I tried everything but the face is still there. They said that Yuto doesn’t want to leave me/my Y!M so he stayed there. Oh, how I hope he will stay with me.


    The cursed image accdg to Cy. :))

  7. Monday, I went to UST to attend the consultation. As I was walking to the bus stop, I saw a purple Yuto (I call it Yuto bus instead of Yutong) bus on the opposite lane and it has plate number 811. If it’s 810 it’s already Yuto’s birthday. Anyway, I tried to stopped a bus so I could take a ride and it’s kinda late as well, but this bus just passed me and I kind of got mad because I’m already late for the consultation. I kept on saying “shit”. I waited for a bus for so long. Then after it passed, I saw another bus from afar, and I decided I should just wait for this one. AND IT’S A PURPLE YUTO BUS!!! It slowly stopped in front of me and I took a ride. OH YEAH! And I decided to take a picture of it as a proof that it has YUTO written on it!

    Yutong Bus Inside.


  8. Tuesday, I spent my 50Php with serial number HL0266326. That coin has a theory; my friends say that if I lose it, I won’t be able to meet Yuto. I spent the 50Php because I slept in the FX and noticed that I was a lot of kilometers away from home, and that 50Php is all that I’ve got. I need 7Php to go home but, oh well. I erased the deal and made myself believe that I’d still see him no matter what. And I still have a chance; I still have the ¥10 with me. We’re such kids, I know. This Tuesday was a terrible Tuesday because a lot of bad things happened. Emzi and I couldn’t stop thinking on “what-ifs” about Yuto and Yamada.

  9. It’s hard to be in-love with a celebrity. Especially when you set your mind that he’s the one for you and then on the next minute you’ll see people posting that they say that celeb with another celeb shopping at Harajuku.

AND IT SUCKS that I still could not LET GO.

because I believe–and I will continue to believe– that one day– I will wait for that one day–

we’ll see and know each other. ♥


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