Mary Ann @ 18.

Oh good Lord, another friend of mine just turned 18!

WHAT: Mary Ann Climaco’s Debut
WHERE: G-Hotel by Waterfront
WHEN: October 10, 2009

To sum up the happening, one word is enough [or not?]. It is totally GREAT. I mean, almost everyone that completed Mary’s life is there. The reception is so neat and nice even if it was small. But damn, the guests are all big-time! This was the first debut I’ve ever been and thankfully I made the best out of it [and I hope I did very well for Mary]. Although I kind of messed up on the candle wishes part [because I forgot to say my real wish, instead I said it on Japanese]. Anyway, the whole AzBaCriMaDeGaMe was there to celebrate.

I felt like crying but not because of sadness but because of joy to one of my closest friends, Mary Ann. Well yeah, kind of crying because I cannot do (yet) what she would be able to do now that she’s 18, lmao. We may not be seeing and talking to each other like before, but I am still grateful to meet someone like her. It feels good that my own destiny chose a person like her. To Mary Ann, if you are reading this, then good. HAHA! I think I have said enough. Let’s wait until I turn 18~ 😀

The debut was the best. It was my first time but yeah, totally magnificent. It is worth all the money I spent for clothes and stuff. I wish people would be able to meet a person like Mary Ann [though not really like her because she’s one of a kind!]

Once again, Happy 18th Birthday Mary Ann Climaco! 😀 *throws confetti*

Here are some pictures:


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