I haven’t long updated you with my soccer games.

For 4 weeks (including now), we’ve been playing a full game. For the first (practice) game, we spent 5 minutes each set so that all players could have their turns on the field. I was always positioned as the Forward and I got nervous at the thought that we are the first ones to get the ball away from the opponents. I got used to this position but on the 2nd (real) game, I was placed as a Midfielder and I didn’t know what to do only to find out that yeah, basic rule: keep the ball on your team. I got injured on the first game because a teammate’s spike scratched on my shin (yes, OUCH) but I still continued playing.

The second game was tougher than the first because this is the REAL thing, which means we all have to give our best shot to have the goal. Unfortunately, I still don’t have much skills to control the ball so every time I kick it, it either goes far or it goes to the opponent. But either way, we scored! Though the score was 2-1, in favor of the Blue Team. I was in Gold Team. 😀

The third game went the same only that I was in the field for a short time so I could give way to players who haven’t been on the field yet. So yeah. I wasn’t perspiring buckets on the 3rd game.

Now for the fourth game… It happened today!! And boy I was glad that I played better than before. I could control the ball now and I kick on the right track. Though there was this instance that I stole the ball from an opponent and he (yes, HE, this is a co-ed game) almost GOT OVER to me, as if he would jump on my back. LOL.  I could still feel the whole body weight, dang. I can’t really explain the game but it was fun even if I only played on the 1st set (there are 3 sets). Finally, we won 4-2, in favor of the GOLD TEAM! YEY!! I’m looking forward to the next game!


*while I was sitting on the ground waiting for the signal to play, a guy (named Joko) and he’s kinda cute is in front of me and he’s standing there, and what shocked me is to find out that he’s looking beneath my shorts (damn) but good thing I was always wearing a cycling short inside. I don’t know if he was absent-mindedly (?) looking there or what… But it didn’t happen once. Though he wasn’t the second person to look. >_<
*Sean was called “LEAF” and “ADAM” because he covered his crotch with a green towel. His shorts was too tight and… you know what I mean. But he played awfully great, damn it!
*I changed my impression for Kim Tiamlee. She’s such a sweet person and outgoing like me. HAHA!
*Met new friends!
*AND DARN, am I crushing on our Team Captain?! :O


bangs1 (1)

Go Number 17!

My Soccer Uniform

My Soccer Uniform

♥ JaYuN!


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