Yan Yan Animals Make My Day. ♥

I can’t remember when this happened, but one thing’s sure: It happened when I was madly in-love with Yuto Nakajima. :))

Horse Biscuit

Horse Biscuit

Marie shared her Yan Yan biscuits and it has animal stuff printed on it. There’s only one type of a certain animal in the whole package, so if you got Dog, you’re the only one with a Dog. At that time, I think we just got out from an exam last month, and there, when it was my turn to get a stick, i got HORSE! At first I was thinking, “Why horse?” and I was shouting that I wanted to pick something else. Then it came to me all of a sudden that Yuto’s favorite food is something with “raw horse meat” in it! And then, I can’t stop squealing~ ❤

And then the same thing happened on August 3. Well not really the same, but we still picked animal biscuits again. First thing I got after I finished eating my lunch was Octopus biscuit. I first I got disappointed because I didn’t see any relevance to it on Yuto, then something was written: Octopus Lucky Number: 8. Suddenly I remembered that Yuto’s red soccer jersey number was 8 and his birth month is 8 and I flailed again. But I wanted the horse again! So I tried for the second time. I got a Cat. I don’t know what that meant, but it has a relevance to my past crush Jonathan because he looks like a cat. And for the last pick…

Beetle Yan Yan

Beetle Biscuit

I GOT A BEETLE!!! Then I connected it again with Yuto. I remembered that he loved collecting stag beetles and the like. GOSH, I don’t know but I’m wondering why I’m so obsessed with Yuto I get those kinds of stuff. Was it luck? Or destiny? WAAAH~


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