Oh, miracle.

In the past few weeks, I already forgot my own way of blogging.

Or shall I say I already forgot how to write, which is lame because writing is my passion. The University keeps me busy like an office lady and I felt even more tied down to academic stuff. It’s already our Finals period and I should not be slacking off like before so I have to be an owl again STUDY HARDER, which is not really listed in my Lazyctionary.

Going back, these recent weeks are interesting and at the same time irritating. An issue was spread throughout our class and I can’t avoid to be involved in it. I mean, I am not really involved but then I had a past issue with that person, It’s a small issue: an infatuation thing I had the last school year that I’ve already got over with, but still kept on bugging me BECAUSE OF MY BLOCKMATES. I don’t really care if they tease me blah blah blah but I get ashamed on the part of the other person because it seems as if I was still onto him which is way wrong. Anyway, I don’t get mad when they tease me and I don’t get happy either but I shout because I get embarrassed and silly [what?] inside. I hate it but not much. I can’t just ignore those stuff because I can’t because my blockmates are making a huge deal out of it, and I don’t want that.

Oh, and good news!! I text messaged my friend Emzi on Tuesday telling her that I already missed her and guess what? The following day she sent a message saying that her globe number is still alive and she misses us already. :]

Another news, I got a 2.00 grade in our Calculus. I could’ve gotten 1.75 but then just because I forgot a teeny-weeny conclusion, I lacked 5 points to aim 1.75. Too bad. Pidz brags his grade to me but I don’t give a damn. I can get a lot better this time.

♥ ジャニカ


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