Lucky Week. :D

First, I would say HELLO EVERYONE!

I haven’t updated for full 2 weeks since Yuto’s birthday and now I have a bucket of stories to tell. But I will just summarize it just to make it easier for you to read and for me to type. LOL!

1.) I have to type this first thing. NAKAJIMA YUTO’S BIRTHDAY IS A TOTAL LUCKY CHARM! The days after his birthday were our Preliminary Exams period and I swear I let out a lot of effort to study and keep my grades up. But I celebrated the week after our exams BECAUSE I passed everything! Those that I knew that would fail did otherwise~!! I am so happy I swear, I don’t know what happened. But all thanks to ever-loving and gracious God, and Yuto Nakajima. ♥

2.) I didn’t really celebrate Yuto’s birthday but I celebrated it (I mean I ate stuff, get it?) in line with Yza and MC’s birthday. I ate too much. 😛

3.) I am now having so much fun with the TEM family. I couldn’t believe I would be that close to them!

4.) I kept on having concurrent dreams of my friend Emzika Menor for almost the whole week. I don’t know why. Maybe I just missed her badly. :((

5.) I finally reset my biological clock to its normal state! I get sleepy at 11pm and I wake up at 7am or 10am.

6.) I am taking Friends For Sale seriously. It kinda sucks because that’s the sole reason I open the PC. But well, it’s fun. New friends.

7.) My past crush broke up with his girlfriend. I felt disappointed because they look cute together and the years they’ve been through just went to waste. Oh well, things change.

8.) I am getting pissed off with one/two of my college friends. It’s either because of their personality or it’s because they are my rivals in school.

9.) Project RUSH! Thankfully we finished and “polished” everything in no time.

10.) Day by day I wanted to see Yuto Nakajima and just the thought of him makes me want to be catapulted to Japan. I was drawing a portrait of him a while ago and my mom saw it!! しまった!She was walking silently to see what I was doing, I knew it, and she saw that I was staring on Yuto’s zoomed face. I was so embarrassed that I kept scribbling whatever on the paper and unconsciously pressing random buttons on my phone. 😛

♥ FIN ♥


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