Another day to hate. I’ve done nothing but cry and nag on almost about everything that happened today.

Went to the CSS Sportsfest Opening. 1 word. BORING. I hate the MCs and the staff because they were all nonsense AND the president of the organization doesn’t even know how to READ and pronounce english words very well. She’s already in 4th year College. Then we stayed there for 5 hours and did nothing. The opening was BORING, yeah. Then it rained very hard. I was wearing shorts and sandals. Good thing I have an umbrella, but still I got wet.

Got home to do my CWTS homework. I finally did it BUT the PC got screwed up, and the file I saved won’t open, so I have to redo it all over again. I cried because of that. Until it was already 5:30pm when I finished, and the eLeap server was down and I was not able to send my homework. DAMN IT. I hate this PC. I hate this eLeap thing.

While we had fun yesterday, today was a gloomy Sunday.


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