Eclipse my Darkest Days.

A lot of crazy things already happened in a couple of days and I can’t believe I didn’t write most of it. I don’t know if I’d be able to because 1) they’re too many 2) my VGA card freaks out 3) STUPID SCHOOL STUFF! I’d just have a brief summary of all the happenings though.

Saturday: Went alone to SM Southmall to see my mom and buy Soccer spikes. Unfortunately, most of the shoes are too expensive and it doesn’t really reflect on the style of the shoe, so we went to another mall (Alabang Town Center). Gladly, at this point I was now in our van when we went there. I hate going to malls without a car. Anyway, I saw this shoe at Proline Store and bought it. It’s Adidas Puntero TRX HF. I love it.

Sunday: Tomasino Engineering Media informed me that I passed the Artist Exam. Finished first draft of our CWTS Assignment 1. Mom got really furious to my younger sister because of being rude and talking back. Crammed for Calculus and Rizal Course exams. Slept at 1:30am.

Monday: Did the exams. Rizal Course was easy, while Calculus wasn’t. Well honestly, Calculus is easy but I know I did a lot of errors on the Continuity and Asymptotes parts. Also interviewed by Tomasino Engineering Media (a random and a serious one) and asked my opinions on art and stuff. I think I did pretty well on the exam because they were all “WOW-ing” on something when the girl interviewer showed something on her laptop. I bet it was my works and my grades. I wish I saw. Met my best friend from UP Diliman at Lawton and rode the bus to Las Piñas. We visited our High School to watch the Integration but we came too early for the show *insert sarcasm here*. Went home to do the Accounting 1 homework and while I was at it, I asked something on Yahoo! Answers, and read about the murder of Junko Furuta. It was horrifying but I felt sympathy. I wanted to kill at the moment. Talked to dad for almost an hour. Good night.

Tuesday:My Tita Lv’s birthday. Woke up at 4:15am and acted like a paranoid. I kept on looking outside the window to see if someone watches me. The Junko Furuta story made such an impact. A surprise quiz on Accounting 1. I came kind of prepared but for all I know, the quiz was supposed to be taken on Thursday. Told my friends about the story of Junko Furuta. Clarence was teary-eyed and said that if she could just kill them, she would. We all agreed. It was BJ’s birthday this day. He gave mini dunkin donuts *yum*. Stared the whole time on Physics Lab class. Got 9.4 out of 10 on our Lab Report. Ate at CAGE on lunch time. Got nervous on the thought of returning our exam and somehow “slept” on Physics Lecture class. We played Tetravex, Four blah, and Robots on ICS3 Lecture class and didn’t get caught and never listened to the professor. Open Solaris looks cool. A cool guy in front of me in the FX on the way home. I felt conscious of how I look like atm, but never mind. I don’t like him anyway so I won’t FLORT. :)) Sent Janette and Clarence the links about Junko Furuta. GOT MAD on eLeap because the server loads for 10 centuries and we didn’t get to answer the pre-test.

TODAY: CLARENCE’S 17th BIRTHDAY!! You’re a year older than me now! 😛
Came in late for Philosophy 5 class. New lessons everywhere. Loved the topic for Lit102A: Feminism. Puked at the book excerpts/annotations our professor read to us at Rizal Course. Went to see Marie during our break. Ate biscuits on Calculus class and answered derivatives. Glad I was able to catch up while sleeping when the teacher doesn’t look. AND SADLY, NO SOCCER CLASSES AGAIN!!! I hate it. I used my new spikes for nothing. GRRRR.

And I wasn’t able to see the longest Solar eclipse of the 21st century. I never saw an eclipse in my whole life. I mean, I always see it in pictures. I wish one day I’ll see a beautiful phenomena in front of me.


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