Drawing Test.

We had to attend for only 2 hours yesterday. The university cut-off the classes from 7-1pm but resumed after the said hour. And we had to take a mind-boggling Physics exam at 2pm.

Before that, I went to the TEM Office to meet Cyrolle and start the drawing test. It was around 12.30 by then, and I only have approx. 2 hours to draw. I scanned the test instructions, and I was asked to draw 6 things.

I. Interpret the Poem (through drawing, of course)
II. Editorial Cartoon (Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili scandal, Con-Ass, etc.)
III. Draw Yourself
IV. Handheld (Draw your hand holding your most favorite thing)
V. What first comes into your mind when you hear the word, “Arsefacey”?
VI. Transform (a thing into something else)
VII. What do you see? (Completing the BIZARRE picture)

I first did the editorial cartoon. I chose Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili among the others because it’s the most vivid thing I could elaborate, and I already had an idea how to draw it. I drew a girl’s teary eye and inside it is Hayden Kho holding a video camera. (It’s hard to detail the stuff through writing!) Then I started doing the 2nd one. It’s the easiest, though I’m not really sure if I look like the drawing. I asked my friends and they said yes; I just hope their telling me the truth! I just drew a half body of me. Then the last thing I drew for that hour was the Handheld thing. I drew my hand holding a Nintendo DS, and it’s unproportional. The DS was way bigger than my hand, and it should not be that way! :)) While I was drawing these stuff, I did multitasking. I was doing my Physics HW and lecturing them about Physics stuff while drawing the Handheld.

RANT: The Physics test was freaking hard. Thank goodness it’s dismissal.

I continued my drawing. By this time, I started with Arsefacey. I drew a peach because it looks like an arse. 😛 Then I did the Transformation. I transformed the puncher into a flat iron. I could’ve thought of something better but I’m tired. It took me 10minutes to think of transforming the thing. Then I did the “What do you see”. I pictured the weird image as a Christmas tree but I realized that most of the other applicants would’ve done the same, thus making my work unoriginal. So what I did was I made the tree thing a crown, and drew a female legendary whatsoever (something like a female warrior/heroine). The part where I took the most of the time was the Interpretation part. I had to draw the Arc of the Centuries and put the details into it. I started drawing at 5:30, and I ended at about 6:10++pm.

If I could take a xerox of the drawings, I will post it here ASAP. 😀


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