Rizal Photo Journalism.

I missed doing these kinds of stuff. Last time I’ve done it was way back in Senior HS, when I was still a Feature/Literary/Headline writer in our school newspaper.

Yesterday, me and some of my classmates went to 3 Parks: Rizal Park, Fort Santiago/Intramuros, and Paco Park. We gathered at UST for 2 hours because we still waited for Iice’s van and the other members to come. The trip hasn’t started yet but I already had 10+ pictures in my camera, because of the camwhores I am with in McDonald’s. XD Iice came at around 8.45 to 9 something, and we had problems in the transportation. She said that only 3 people were allowed to ride the Adventure, leaving all 10 (I think) others behind. Of course, we wouldn’t agree to this so we squeezed ourselves inside the van. Thank goodness I am with thin people on the back seat, so I had at least SOME AIR to breathe!

Manila Cathedral

Manila Cathedral

When we arrived at Manila Cathedral, the sun was already at its peak. It’s burning hot, even if it’s still morning. There were also a lot of tourists there, and they (and some passersby) kept on looking at us. I took a lot of pictures of the Manila Cathedral, and after 3 takes I had the greatest shot. I have to make Janette my “assistant” (she covered me with the umbrella while I was taking shots) because it was really hot and I don’t need any more discolorations. We stayed at the Cathedral for a few hours and then we walked our way to Fort Santiago/Intramuros.

Rizal Statue @Intramuros

Rizal Statue @Intramuros

Suddenly, my camera was blinking a battery sign on top of it and I was afraid it wouldn’t last before the next 2 trips. So I asked inside Intramuros if they sell batteries, and dang, they sell Energizer MAX for Php150. I think that’s overpricing. Also, we have to pay Php50 to get inside Intramuros, which sucks because most of us didn’t bring enough money for the total expenses. Most of our photo journalism were taken inside Intramuros because the site still looked like before, and it has Rizal memories everywhere. We spent about 2-3 hours there, until it was time to move to our next destination.

Rizal Park/Luneta

Rizal Park/Luneta

Next stop: Luneta Park a.k.a. Rizal Park. I think everyone felt tired now after the long walk around Intramuros. We continued the photo shoot here and for the first time, we saw huge structures that portray the martyrdom of Rizal. And damn it, my batteries were empty. Goodness. At least I don’t have to take anymore pictures on that place because I’m done taking the important stuff. Then at last! It’s lunch time. We went to Robinson’s Place Manila to eat our lunch. Me, Clarence, Beth, and TJ ate at Wendy’s while others ate at the Food Court. I was about to buy a new battery, but again, I’m thankful Iice came and she shouted that she has a lot of batteries in the van. So yeah, we saved money!!

Paco Park

Paco Park

So for the next stop, which is Paco Park, we were able to took a hell lot of pictures. But most of them are for vanity reasons! Well, some though are acceptable for our photo journ. 😛 While we were at Paco Park, a wedding ceremony was held and their theme is purple!

Anyway, I’m tired typing. Just check out the pictures, though they are for individual people only:



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