Theory of the lost Yen.

We had our quiz in IM151 yesterday, and I swear I stayed up late reviewing that, only to find out the quiz focused on the terms! DAYUUUM. Enough of that. It was break time so we decided to do the Physics homework. But after a few minutes of trying to solve why this should be that, everyone stopped writing on their notebooks and started chitchatting of random stuff irrelevant to Physics. So I was kind of tempted to do the same thing, and I joined their conversation. We talked about a girl in Social Dance who was a total braggart. The whole conversation circulated on her, because she acted “Miss Know-It-All”. AND AGAIN, enough of that. She’s not the hot topic here. :>

Our recess ended and we proceeded to the ICS Lab 2. We were given an exercise to do and DAMN, I don’t know what to do. I never listened to the professor every time we attend the class, or if I do (listen to him), someone/something speaks from behind and divert my attention. But the cool thing, even though I don’t know what to do, I did what we were supposed to do. I don’t get it either, but something is… it’s just that it’s like C++. I got 8/10 and was kind of disappointed but it’s better getting that than none at all.

SO CLARENCE AND I WENT TO TJ’S TERMINAL and stood there. Clarence and TJ talked about something and I didn’t mind because my mind’s blowing somewhere. Then TJ started saying:
TJ: Hi Clarence, Hi JR.
Me: Ay, nice naman!
TJ: Hi Clarence, Hi JR.
Clarence: *glared at TJ*
TJ: Hi Clarence, Hi JR.
Clarence: Umayos-ayos ka ha.
TJ: Hi Clarence, Hi JR. *laughs*
Me: Shempre diba, mag-hi ka naman sa ‘kin no!
TJ: Ay! Hi Jaun, Hi Janmar.
Me: *growls* EPAL MO! *hits TJ from the nape* EPAL! EPAL! EPAL! NAKAKAINIS!
*then someone shouted about Janmar’s expression*
TJ: Ui sorry na sorry na!
Me: CHE! HI TJ, HI BETH! Nakakainis ka talaga! ARGH! *walks out*

DAYUM. I hate that. I mean, I was not supposed to be  affected after all but I got angry at the moment. I felt hot with rage. I don’t want them bringing back what was DONE. So I hate this. THEN AT LAST, IT WAS LUNCH TIME.


Janette and I went to buy at Goldilock’s. I just bought a Sago’t Gulaman and she bought a Spaghetti. And we started a conversation:
Me: Sago’t Gulaman sa ‘kin. *hands Php100*
Janette: *to the cashier* Isang sago’t gulaman… saka isang spaghetti.
*cashier presses stuff and the change appears and Janette gets the change*
Me: Php70 sukli ko. May Php50 ka?
Janette: Wait lang, check ko. *checks wallet* Yun meron. *hands Php50 to me* saka eto yung Php20.
Me: Wow ang lutong. Salamat.
Janette: Alam mo ba kung kanino galing yang Php50
Me: Hindi, kanino?
Janette: Kay J*****! Nagpapalit kase ako sa kanya kanina ng Php100 eh, tapos yun.
Me: WEH! Wala ka na bang ibang Php50?
Janette: Wala na eh. *stands like an innocent child* Wag mong gagastusin yan ha.

BANG. Okay, I don’t know how to react to that. I was shocked but I laughed at Janette’s last statement, because that’s plain crazy! But you know, whenever I have to use the Php50, I end up using an exact bill because people kept on giving me 20s and 10s and 50s. So that crunchy Php50 ends up on the “save” part of my wallet.

Then after we ate and told the story to others, Janette realized something.
Janette: Ui, yan na siguro yung kapalit nung ¥100 mo!
Me: Ay oo nga no! Php50 yung kalahati ng ¥100! NAHAYS NAMAN!
Janette: Kaya wag mo nang gagastusin yan ha!

LOL. Janette is crackpot. But honestly, I still have that Php50 and I have no idea up to when it will sleep inside the pocket of my wallet. Janette tried to hide it in some panels on my wallet but I found it accidentally. 😛 And I have no plans of keeping it; at least he’s not the sole reason why it’s not spent.



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