RAIN, you wash these dirts away.

He’s the GAY-est thing ever. Sorry, these are just stupid rants but I am not the only one who noticed that! Whenever he smiles, he looks gay. As in gay, gay, gay, BADING! What makes me stare at him is that he’s soooooooooooooo WHITE. I’m envious. I bet he’s even whiter than Yuto, and that makes me look BLACK. Anyway, today was the very first time I saw him smile and it sort of took my head (NOT HEART!) away! That’s the cutest smile of him EVER. He should smile like that always. [I am talking about someone that only me and my friends know of, if ever you’re thinking. And if you think this person is the one I mentioned on the previous posts, just think again.]

Watashi wa kare ga bishou shinakute mo, kare ga chuui o eru node iu kenri o to motte inai. Soshite hai, kare no kizetsu. Watashi wa de aru ka nani gimon ni omou. :))

It rained so hard a while ago, and Clarence told me something random on Y!M:
Clarence Mojares: hahaha
Clarence Mojares: :))
Clarence Mojares: di ba dinala mo si rain??
janica deza: yep
janica deza: :))
janica deza: KAYA UMULAN
janica deza: =))
Clarence Mojares: kaya inulan tau ng napakalakas kanina eh
Clarence Mojares: :))=))
janica deza: GRABE HA
janica deza: :))

LOL!! Why haven’t I thought of that?
RANDOM: This is cool. I’ve been in the computer for almost 5 hours and the monitor doesn’t freak out! Thank goodness. I could do whatever I want and look at pages with Hi-Res images. UNO freaks me out though. I already forgot how to play it and the computer players cheat on me!

I still have to wake up at 4am later. Oyasumi.

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