Wednesday: Soccer Part 2

Wednesday is always a great day because of Soccer.

We were told to practice the Push Pass. I am grateful that I already have a background on this and I was able to perform it well while Prof. Adri was around checking for common mistakes beginners do. We tried on a short distance, then to a larger one.

It was totally hot that day. Thank goodness I have my sunblock with me even though it just screens 30+% of my skin from the harmful rays of the sun. I checked my skin when I got home and I just noticed I had a huge discoloration on my arm when I compared it to my neck. This day was my first time to play Soccer with the sun at its peak.

Everyone, I guess, did the Push Pass successfully. So on the next stop, we have to catch and bounce the ball using our laps. Gosh, the impact on my laps was forceful and they turned red after doing so, then the ball bounced back from my lap to my lips (!!!). But after those pain, me and my partner did it very well!

Then connected with this lap thing was we tried to catch the ball and stop it using our laps/feet (instep). I wasn’t very good at this after several trials, but on the last two over-head passes from Trish, I did it. I loved my last ball stop because I stopped it using my instep and then when it bounced away from me, I caught it with the top of my feet and shin. It’s hard to explain it but it was something that I saw from the Soccer athletes at our university. Sadly, I don’t think they saw it!

And then we practiced the thing with the chest. I don’t think it’s called “chest pass” but you bounce the ball using your chest and/or shoulders. [Damn, I have to study Soccer terminologies!] I felt sorry for my partner Trish because I kept on passing the ball on the wrong part and she was hurt the whole time, but it’s good she didn’t held revenge on me while doing the chest pass thing. I did it very well with my shoulders, but I don’t do it that well with my chest. I swear I look like a duck doing that. :))

AND LASTLY!! AT LAST, we tried to make a goal! I mean, we just practiced shooting the ball on the net/goal. It was kind of agitating at first because I’m afraid I might not do it right, but I was on the right path. The only thing I have to practice is to put more force on the ball from my feet and also do a follow through so that the ball will bounce higher and do a swerve. I didn’t like my rubber shoes that day because they weren’t really all-rubber so my goal-kicking wasn’t that good. But it was so much fun, still!

We were already put into teams and it’s great that I have my new friends from College of Education and Faculty of Engineering with us. What bugs me is our uniform, because the Arki students said they wanted gold-and-white rather than blue-and-white. I don’t think gold would look well as my soccer uniform because I AM BROWN-SKINNED/MORENA. Majority in our team preferred blue but since those Arki students were nearer to the professor, they were the ones who were heard atm. Nevermind. At least my mom’s gonna buy me soccer spikes na~ Hurraaah!!

Hope you had a nice day again. じゃーね!

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