ICS3 Lab!

Got nothing to do right now. It’s our ICS3 Lab class, and I am sneaking from my professor in using this computer for posting an entry here. Clarence and Beth are on my opposite sides. Okay, I’m bored. The prof’s talking about JCreator. 😛
I hope I don’t get caught.

[Meanwhile] DAYUUUUM. First exercise = FAIL!! JCreator won’t build the file so I wasn’t able to run it. It kept on saying that it has an error [either a semi-colon or the brackets], but I checked it more than twice and yet, it has errors. SO SAAAAD! EDIT: I successfully ran the program! It just has an end bracket missing, and voila. Also, we are asked to make a Java application program just by ourselves, and I can’t believe that I was able to do everything without asking! 😀


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