Wednesday: Soccer Part 1

My much awaited Soccer PE has finally arrived. The day before our soccer meeting, I readied all my stuff and arranged them neatly inside my bag. I even fussed about what rubber shoes to wear. I was really excited that my mouth never said anything that is not about soccer.

When today has finally arrived, I can’t stop blabbing about my soccer class to my friends, and I told them that by now, I am feeling nervous and I don’t know why. We were dismissed at 12nn and Clarence and the others accompanied me to one of the pavilions while I waited for Tricia (one of my soccer mates who has their dismissal at 2pm). By that time, I was NEVER EAGER to play soccer anymore. All I said was, “Damn, I’m getting nervous”, “No! I don’t like to play na”, “WAAAH! Ayoko na!” and etc. I was too edgy at the moment and I even applied sunblock when it was just 1.30pm! I was insane, I know. Kind of excited, but then, NO!

Tricia came and I left Clarence and the others. We went to the shower room to change in our sports attire and I was surely cognizant of what I was wearing because mine and Tricia’s shorts were so SHORT, and my t-shirt is so fitting! It was an Esprit Sports shirt, and I didn’t thought that it would fit me that way a while ago. I covered my front the whole time with the paper bag I was holding. LOOOL.

We went to the Grandstand because the professor told us we would meet there, but to our dismay, we found Volleyball students instead of Soccer. Everyone we asked are from Volleyball, so we just stood on the ground waiting for some Soccer mates. After a lot of minutes, Tricia asked someone who’s also wearing white t-shirt and shorts like us, and by this time they’re also from Soccer~
[On a side note: My schoolmate in High School saw me while we were looking for our soccer mates, and we talked about random stuff. Today was her birthday and I didn’t even now! :)) She’s already 17 and she’s a freshman in UST [which made her kinda mad because I’m still 16 and a sophomore].

THE GAME STARTED. Actually, it was just a free play; all we did was kick the balls and such. Tricia asked me how to pass the ball and I’m glad to share her what I knew! [Yikes. Thankfully I knew something.] She kept on kicking the ball too hard that it flew yards away from me and I have to follow it of course. I got tired of this and decided to play rough, so I kept on following and kicking the ball in my pace and NOT giving the ball to her [AND SHE GOT TIRED :)))]. And then the professor announced that we should already start the basics of Soccer.

We were taught how to kick the ball using our instep [how I was glad that I told this to Tricia before the professor told it to us, and what I told was right] using our dominant and non-dominant foot. At a smaller/shorter range, kicking was kind of difficult of us, we were sitting by then while kicking, so we have to control our kick. I didn’t do well at first, then we got better after a few practice. Then the professor told us to try kicking it while we’re standing up; now in a wider range. Tricia kept on kicking the ball hard again but this time I told her she get the ball she kicked. I was bad at kicking using our instep when we stood up and I suck! But fortunately, we did GREAT again and we can keep up with the boys. 😛 The next thing we’re told to do is to volley the ball then kick it right away. Tricia and I alternated on the volleying, and now she’s having a hard time because her instep is feeling sore. I kept on kicking and throwing her the ball. And the last and funniest thing the professor taught us: kick the ball using our HEADs. I didn’t get shocked by this, in fact, I wanted to do it. I thought we’re going to have a headache after the headkicking/headbutting, but we enjoyed it even though the ball is hard. We practiced at a smaller range between us at first, and then to a wider range.

I won’t be able to explain everything that happened here but bottom line is: SOCCER IS THE GREATEST GAME IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, next to basketball. That’s just me, okay.

Hope you had a great day. 😀

5 thoughts on “Wednesday: Soccer Part 1

  1. ur short is SHORT!!!You didn’t told me that..hahaha…
    Anyway, how long have you been holding your paper bag as a cover??hmmm.??XD

    • i didn’t tell you because i don’t want that happening!! :))
      the track and field shorts was the one that i was using.
      so now you know? 😛
      i’ve been holding it the whole time before we started playing.

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