Twitter Mobile Apps

Lately I have been addicted to Twitter, which lead me to finding apps where I can tweet. You might think, “Why look for apps when Twitter’s already there?” Well, it’s just that it is too plain for me to see this line:

about 21 hours ago from web

I mean, I don’t like to see the word WEB all over my updates, and I wanted something else. So I tried this Twhirl, and it’s cool~ I am alerted when there are new updates and there are new replies to my updates.
My question is, does anybody of you know of any mobile apps wherein I can use Twitter through my phone? [Just like those apps for iPhone and such. I really envy it.] :))

I am using Nokia 5300 and I don’t know if there are Java apps that are able to get me on Twitter.
Thanks! 😀



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