I was singing YUI’s “again” like crazy today and I just noticed that the meaning of the song fits me. I mean, my life right now. Ever since I had this certain problem, I can’t seem to move on, but a while ago I pondered about it while I was washing the plates.

So how did “again” fit as the song of my life?

Tsumi no saigo wa namida janai yo.
Zutto kurushiku seotte kun da deguchi mienai kanjou meiru ni.
Dare wo matteru no?
Shiroi NOOTO ni tsuzutta you ni motto sunao ni hakidashitai yo.
Nani kara nogaretainda?
Genjitsutte yatsu.

~I agree. It’s like tears have always been a part of my life, and I won’t be able to end/achieve something through crying. Right. And ever since, I’ve always wanted to escape from all the hindrances in life, but they say that that’s what makes life be called, “LIFE”. Or yeah, reality.
“Tears do not end a sin. We have to carry it with us through in this maze of feelings with no ends in sight. Who am I waiting for? As scribbled on the blank note, I want to be more honest. What do I want to escape from? Is it this thing called “reality”?”

Kanaeru tame ni ikiterun datte
Sakebitaku naru yo. Kikoete imasu ka?
Bunan ni nante yatterarenai kara kaeru basho mo nai no.
Yasashisa ni wa itsumo kansha shiteru dakara tsuyoku naritai susumu tame ni.
Teki mo mikata mo kangei jan!

~Need I explain more? :]
“For what am I living? I want to shout it out loud. Can you hear me? I can’t play safe anymore, but there is nowhere to go too. I am grateful for all the kindness, so I want to become stronger to march on. I do welcome friends and foes.


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