June 22, 2009

Yesterday was almost a nice day.

How nice? We almost did nothing on every subject. HAHA, kidding. I really love how some of my professors discuss the lessons because it’s just makes the topics very interesting. I don’t know if it’s because of the way they talk, but I also like their humor. On our Lit102A class, our professor discussed about the importance of Culture and History. Then he asked how can we prove that we are Filipinos and if we are proud we’re one, and then asked again if there were students in the class who are not Filipinos. Pidz and JR told me to raise my hand and tell that I am not Filipino, and they said they’d support me. I said I won’t. And somehow I am not proud I’m a Filipino because there are a lot of things that pull down what Filipinos are. Actually, almost wherever you look, Filipinos are one of the subjects of discrimination. Then we watched a film about Jose Rizal in our RC class, and on the part where there was a Japanese girl laughing, some of my blockmates kept on looking at me and laughed. On our Math102C class, the professor discussed about Logical and Bit Operators, and the converse…inverse stuff. He dismissed us early enough so me, together with Janette and Clarence, stayed outside and chit-chatted. My bag was so wet at that time because Phi accidentally sat on it and then my water bottle opened. Thankfully, my stuff weren’t affected, so it was all right. Then the Math108A professor came, and wrote the numbers of our homework on the board. He asked us to volunteer and answer the problems, and he will give a maximum of 3 points. Since nobody was volunteering, and I don’t want the points go to waste, so I raised my hand and answered one of the easiest problems. I wanted to answer two of the problems but then they might think I am such a show-off and I am sugapa sa points, so I just answered one and explained it.

Then it was dismissal time!! I am supposed to go straight home at 12nn but I wanted to go to the PE orientation of my blockmates, so I told my mom that I will be staying and eating lunch at UST until 5pm. But unfortunately enough, someone texted Rich while we are eating and said something like, “Suspended na ang classes sa Engineering kasi may nag-positive sa AH1N1.TRANSLATED: Classes on the Engineering building is suspended because a student was found positive on the AH1N1 virus. We were all shocked and began to be suspicious of our blockmates who have colds/normal flu. Turned out that the suspicious one only had normal flu, so we passed by the issue about him. But the news made us shocked, and we thought, “What if we are the next carriers? What should we do?”. And Phi began telling that he feels as if his throat wanted to cough, and Iice said that it was all in the mind. She’s right.

We stood by (made tambay XD) at the university’s botanical garden and took pictures [you can find it HERE, but it’s a FRIENDS-ONLY album.] when we received a lot of text messages telling that Engineering students are excused for PE class and that our class will be resumed on June 30.

Right now, I’m blogging and reading Calculus. I have no classes until June 29 because of this virus. It really is so fast. Someone told me that there was already 1 case of this virus that made the carrier die. And yet, the DOH still don’t know about it. Maybe they will, soon.

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