Me and my sister went home from the supermarket when my slippers broke more than halfway away from home. The moment we got out of the supermarket, I suddenly asked my sister if we’re going to ride a tricycle, but she said no. So we walked. Then there, my slipper broke. I have to walk without a slipper on one foot. All I can say is it’s hard. I can feel how the people in the slum areas, or the pulubi feels. People were looking at me when I walked like that. My foot was sore when I got home and small stones were stuck on them. And besides there are a lot of germs on the road.

We should really take care of our slippers or donate them rather than throwing them when we don’t need them because there are a lot of people and children who can’t afford buying them, which results to walking barefoot. I can’t think how they can endure a whole day walking like that. It’s good to put yourself on someone else’s foot. And now I felt how it was like to be like them.


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