First Week in Sophomore College!

I was really excited to go back to my university because I missed my 1st sem blockmates so much, and I have a new hairstyle, and it’s time to scan for cute newcomers. Our classes started last June 16, but not officially. :))

First Day [Tuesday]: I came late, because it was raining so hard and I broke my umbrella. Also, I consumed a lot of time doing my hair and all. But when I came to UST, it was all right. I saw the freshmen, and I even acted a freshman myself because I didn’t wear my ID; I really missed those years when I was in 1st year, especially the getting-to-know-who stuff and the whole week without professors. But it kinda sucked for the newcomers this year because when school resumed, the professors were all present. Good for my class because only 1 professor (CS3 professor) attended our class that day, and even dismissed us early. 😛 Oh and I won’t forget, my blockmates kept on commenting about my new hair. One said that I totally don’t look like a Filipino anymore (before they said I looked quite Kor/Jap), another said I was Lady GaGa because Lady GaGa cut her hair and said that her bangs looked like mine, and another said I looked like Jenny Humphrey because of my hairstyle. Alright, say what? Getting curious? Here’s me:



Second Day [Wednesday]: Kind of a “unlucky” day because I came in late for almost an hour! My classes started 7am but I came in 8am, but thankfully the Theology professor understood my reason and he didn’t mark me late/absent. Then there goes the Lit102A professor; I’d say I really misjudged him because I thought he’d get on my nerves, but well he’s kind of okay. He’s too ironic, and I’m ironic as well, so I don’t know what would happen to this class. He asked what and where I got my name, and I explained, and all he said, “So wala ka nang choice?”. “Gosh, what a rude remark”, I thought, but then he’s right; I really had no choice. So there, the next prof came. The next one’s soo mataray! I thought I was gonna hate him but because of the way he talked and his side comments about something, it made me laugh and made me enjoy the subject. I hate his subject because it’s about history again, but I wish it’d get better this time. Then the last professor came. I thought he was strict and I thought I’d hate his subject (Calculus), but when he started to introduce, I found out he’s okay and I’d understand the lesson.

Second Day [Soccer Orientation]: Wasn’t really soccer orientation, but all we did was to sing the university’s cheer. Really felt like I was still in my Freshman days. There was this guy beside me at that time and he had cute dimples, but he was on Handball and I’m in Soccer. Also, he’s 1st year and I’m 2nd year and he’s not really my type. Then there was this Architecture student who banged the drums so hard when the cheering started~ He was soooo cool. But I don’t like him that much either. Then our Soccer professor asked us to write information on our registration forms and told us stories about injuries when playing soccer. I didn’t get scared, in fact, I had fun and I wanted to play rightaway.

Third Day [Thursday]: Same. I was late again but only for a few minutes. All the professors were present except for the 3-hour subject “Physics 2 Lab”. We were given homeworks and books we needed for the whole semester. I enjoyed the way my IM 151 prof talked and she looked so cute and credible.

Last Day [Friday]: I wasn’t late! Hurrah! All of the professors were there, and now they started introducing the subjects and gave lectures. My Math 102C prof looked and acted like my grandfather who passed away, which made me like and enjoy the subject. Then we made some Math 108A seatworks, and fortunately I was able to answer all of them.

Last Day [1 Liter of Tears]: It was also the last day of the drama, “1 Liter of Tears”, in GMA7 that night. Aya already died, and the flashback stuff and the pictures of the real Aya (Aya Kitou) were showed. I cried a lot not because I felt sympathy. I cried because I felt sad and somewhat happy that a girl like that, who had a disease that’s incurable, can still smile all throughout and believe in herself. She did everything that she can do and never gave up, until it’s time for her to rest. It’s really overwhelming to know that people like her existed to inspire and touch a lot of people’s lives. I know Aya Kitou is truly happy, wherever she is now.


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