Yesterday, Marie, Janette, and I went to University of Santo Tomas to get a PE schedule and pay for our PE uniforms. We got there at about 10am, and it was raining hard.

Before all of us decided to go to UST, we are having problems telling it to our moms since they won’t allow us to go because of the heavy rain. And while we cancelled it for the mean time, I went to my room and peeked at the roof, and it was not raining anymore.

1 There was this cute thing I saw. Two cats who looked so alike were sleeping on our lower roof. I was so thrilled by this and I decided to take a picture:

twin cats

twin cats

After that, I called my university to check if the enrollment for the PE was cancelled, but it turned out it was still ongoing. So I texted Marie and Janette and asked them if they still want to go and enroll their PE. They said, “Game! Punta tayo. [Let’s go]”

When I went out of the house, it wasn’t raining. But more than halfway away from my house, it started raining HARD, but I was thankful I’m near to the bus stop, so yessss.

While we were at UST, Marie and Janette went inside the seminary gym. And sucks for me, because I wasn’t allowed to go in since I was not wearing my uniform. >:[ Almost 2 hours went by while I was waiting for them, and when they went out, they said they can’t enroll to the same PE as mine [Soccer], and they said they will just try again later. So we left the gym and ate lunch for a while.

When we came back, I attempted to enter but then I wasn’t allowed again [dammit] and I just sat on the waiting area. While waiting, thoughts began running in my head about these 2 girls who constantly glance at me but I didn’t care. They look like snobs and/or brats, and kept on talking Taglish the whole time. They were sitting beside the entrance in front of the waiting area. I was thinking about rain and what would they do if it rained since there’s no ceiling on their place. Then yeah, it rained, and I thought they’d move away from the place but the girl opened her umbrella and they continued chit-chatting. THEN IT RAINED HARDER! I felt sorry for them at that moment. Pero they’re so arte kasi eh, kaya I didn’t mind them na lang. :))

1 hour passed, and still no signs of Marie and Janette going out of the seminary gym. Unfortunately, I ran out of load in my cellphone so I just pretended texting even though all of the messages weren’t sending. When I got bored of this, I just looked at the students going in and out of the gym. I saw this one girl who’s from the Conservatory of Music and the pair of her shoe was broken, so she was forced to walk with one sandal on and no sandal on the other. And I saw a lot of students, most of them are Freshmen, who looked like a stereotype of punk/preppy singers from the US/JP/KR. Then I saw some guys, but none of them passed my requirements [LOOOL]. Then I didn’t notice that my cellphone already had 6 missed calls from my mom. And my battery started to remind me that it needs to be charged, and then my mom called again. Then my battery was empty.

I ran out of things to do. I can’t draw because I don’t have paper. I can’t play my cellphone because I don’t have any battery. I can’t go inside because I’m not wearing my uniform. And I am so unlucky because it rained very hard that the droplets started splashing to me, and I have to cover myself with my umbrella because of that. AND THEEEEN while I was watching people on the line!!!

2 I saw this guy who was wearing a gray t-shirt. He was tall, he was thin, he has nice hair. At the moment I think I’m drooling, but not really. I waited for the guy to turn so I could see his face, and when he did, HE LOOOOOKED LIKE NAKAJIMA YUTO!!! I stopped staring and filled my mind with, “OMG OMG OMG OMG” and I looked at him on my peripheral view. I am guessing he’s a Freshman, because he’s not wearing a uniform AND he’s with his someone I didn’t notice at first. And then he went in the gym. So bye-bye Nakajima Yuto look-alike.

I just stared blankly AGAIN on my umbrella, and THANKFULLY the brats/snobs are gone. The parents on the waiting area started to leave one-by-one, and I was kinda scared that I’d be the one left in there. And then I saw I was with some students waiting for their friends too, and some mothers. And then a mom in green walked her way through the washroom and I stared at her because she looked cute even if she seemed old. Also I was thinking if she was Japanese/Korean, because her eyes were huge and spherical, but somehow chinky.

Marie and Janette, unfortunately, wasn’t in the same PE as I. But it was okay. I kind of felt gloomy because I want my friends to be with me, but well, this is life. After they got their PE uniform, Marie said she’ll just wait for her friend, and Janette and I said we’ll wait for her but continued to walk from P. Faura to Dapitan, ANNNNNNNNNND!!!

3 I saw Nakajima Yuto’s look-alike AGAIN and he was with his mom. THEN IT TURNED OUT that his mom was the one in green that I kept on staring at [!!!]. Then I noticed that their umbrella was the same as mine! I am the kind of person who doesn’t want any of her things be alike with other people, but at that point it was okay!! My friend Janette noticed that our umbrellas were the same, and she began saying, “Yieee”. We kept on following them and we didn’t notice that we’re a lot of meters away from P. Faura.

And then we stopped because Marie texted Janette, “WAIT!” So we waited. I saw Yuto’s look-alike walk from afar, and I was, “Aww, wala na! Si Marie kasi eh!” And then when Marie came, she’s with her friends AND she’s not going with us home. So I was really disappointed, but it’s okay. I know we’re [Yuto’s look-alike and I] going to see each other AGAIN! And if not, maybe the real one’s the one for me~ [LMAO] ♥

4 On the way home, I saw these 2 red Hyundai Getz cars in Zapote. At first I thought they had the same plate number/they know each other, but I found out that the first one had ZFU 223 and the other one’s VDN 364.

That’s the end of my TWIN DAY yesterday!!
5 And a while ago, at Eat Bulaga, the one’s who played in Pinoy Henyo are TWINS! Talk about coincidence. 😀


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