Something hit me when it was almost 12am yesternight that suddenly I began acting and talking weird.

Usually in messenger I always act jolly and lively but then after a while I felt gloomy and began to think things that makes me think I am really hopeless in reaching them. And those negativity didn’t stop until this night.

While the people at Tokyo continue to laugh altogether, me and my friend is still feeling gloomy. I wonder what’s wrong, and why I was feeling out of sorts. Even if my chat mates sound fun, even if there were a lot of messages when I got online, I didn’t feel right.

She logged out 12:12am. What does that mean?  :O

I want to punch myself for hitting enter before I even think about what I was going to say; maybe that’s the reason why everything began being uneasy. I should stop thinking of those negative thoughts as they affect my whole day; now I proved that. I don’t want any conversations to end up saying things that doesn’t make sense or imply “I’M SPEECHLESS SO SHUT UP AND CHANGE THE TOPIC” and I felt like crying when I thought of what I’ve said to my friend.

This wasn’t the first time something became weird but I wouldn’t want this to continue.
I just pray and hope that tomorrow will be a wonderful day. I know it will be a new day, so please don’t let the old SAD ones come again.

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