How to Kill A Loser.

Mary and I decided to play a Showdown in Jam Legend a while ago, but due to some technical problems [maybe on the site’s server, or something else], we can’t enter a room. So we just tried using the Auto Match option on the Showdown page.

First try, we thought the showdown was getting all right but then when the thing beside the page stopped loading, we went out and tried another room. And then on our second try…

We [or maybe just me?] thought again that the showdown would work, and we began using the chat thing on it while waiting for the room to load. So yeah, there were a lot of users in the room and one of them began typing something on the window.

I am really disappointed that I wasn’t able to copy the whole conversation because a new user suddenly appeared when everyone was gone, and I wouldn’t want that user to know what we, the other users, were previously talking about. Anyhow, I would just write the whole point of the chat, even if these weren’t the exact words of the users. But I assure you 100% that these were what they want to express and what they really meant.

mommykiller: are you filipinos?
*we decided to fool around*
karl_karl: we are not
janicajima: iie, we aren’t.
*and here, the user began her flaming*
mommykiller: good, because filipinos are slaves
janicajima: oh, that’s what that Chinese said on the news
janicajima: what made you say that?
mary_mary: *she wrote something that implied the same thing as mine*

**At this part, I bet I wasn’t the only one who was sort of enraged. I have to admit to the readers in here that I am a Filipino myself, as well as karl_karl and mary_mary. We started asking why she/he would have to say such a thing to Filipinos.

mommykiller: filipinos are only DH abroad
mommykiller: they work for us because they are slaves
karl_karl: *started flooding Japanese words here*
mommykiller: filipinos are defined as DH in the dictionary
janicajima: not every Filipino works as a DH
janicajima: and besides, you don’t call helpers are slaves
I visited her page in JamLegend and she looks like a Filipino herself
mary_mary: everyone needs Filipinos *ROCK ON MARY!!*
janicajima: exactly
karl_karl: *continued the Japanese flooding*
mary_mary: *insert some swear words here*
janicajima: what’s your nationality anyway?
janicajima: you look like a Filipino yourself.
janicajima: mommykiller wa baka ne!!
mommykiller: that’s because filipinos are oportunis
I don’t know if she meant to type OPORTUNIS like OPORTUNISTA in the Filipino language or it was a typographical error.
mary_mary: if they will pullout all the filipinos aborad they won’t be able to function because they need filipinos
janicajima: indeed!
I know, it’s getting obvious that we’re Filipinos here. XD
mary_mary: ass hole
mommykiller: you’re a filipino aren’t you
mommykiller: poor grammar
mommykiller: i don’t give a shit
karl_karl: HIDOI DESU NE!!
janicajima: TOTEMO HIDOI DESU NE!!
mommykiller: we have also Japanese class
mommykiller: watashi no
janicajima: say what? i bet i speak better Japanese than you do.
mary_mary & karl_karl became somewhat silent?
mommykiller: watashi no fuck you asshole anata desu ka
janicajima: look how your grammar is poorly constructed.
janicajima: mommykiller wa totemo aho da.
mary_mary: AHO!
mary_mary: =))
karl_karl: Fuzakenai yo!!
mommykiller: whatever baka
janicajima: watashi wa baka ja nai.
mommykiller: filipinos do nothing but suck their mothers tits
she kept on repeating this line.
mommykiller: that’s their motto
she even said that it was such a poor thing for Filipinos to do, but tell me, HOW DO BABIES DRINK THEIR MILK?! Gosh, why haven’t I thought of retorting that to her. Kare/Kanojo wa baka yaro da.
mary_mary: *okay I didn’t know what you said again.*
karl_karl: Fuzakenai yo!
Then he logged out. I wanted to log out at the moment but I still felt like defending the Filipinos, even if she doesn’t have the idea that we were Filipinos. I PMed Mary in YM and told her if we should go, but she said we should continue until she goes out of sight.
*mary_mary said something that, I think, got the nerve of mommykiller to continue flaming and hating Filipinos*
mary_mary: i think this conversation is pointless
mommykiller: filipinos are faggots
mary_mary: loser
mommykiller: *said another hate thing and maybe, because of her ranting she began typing with wrong grammar*
mary_mary: an ____?
mary_mary: see that, that’s what you call wrong grammar.
janicajima: exactly
mommykiller: you want me to fill up your anal
mary_mary: whatever ass hole
mommykiller: filipinos know nothing
janicajima: i cannot tolerate this kind of conversation.
janicajima: why would you even want to waste your time flaming and hating Filipinos when they did nothing to you? how lame.
janicajima: and i bet those Filipinos/DH know much better than you do.

//I’m sorry Mary I can’t remember everything you said. Comment me if you need an edit on your part. 😀

And to our success, mommykiller left the room.

mary_mary: HAHA!!
janicajima: SUCCESS!!
mary_mary: yeah
janicajima: baka tinamaan sha sa huli kong sinabe.
And this is where a new user logged in, so I hurriedly went out of the room to erase the conversation. I can’t save it because it’s in Flash. T^T

We may sound like mean girls by the way we talked, but we just want to protect and defend the Filipino nationals. Though at times I used to be ashamed that I was born a Filipino because of some news that embarrass what Filipinos are and because of the wrongdoings of some Filipinos, I still should defend what I am and prove something and erase the words “FILIPINOS ARE SLAVES” to other people’s mentality. Everybody is not the same. And I think everyone should know that calling other people who work for them as SLAVES, lest they know them or not, is truly unjust. Filipinos are not born to be slaves. And slave is not the right thing to call them. You don’t own people.

Imagine life without helpers. Everybody needs everyone, somebody needs someone.

But in case that’s what’s written in the dictionary, why can’t the other nationals just accept what we are? Why do they have to think that they’re superior than other nationals? Is that because we are BRANDED as a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY?

FILIPINOS, DO NOT GIVE UP!! ONE DAY, I know that ONE DAY, we will rise. It may take years, but it is up to us if we will rise or not. Don’t mind these people who continue to pull you down. BANGON PINOY!! BANGON!


2 thoughts on “How to Kill A Loser.

  1. tumingin tayo sa langit at itanong natin sa sarili natin, “kung ipanganganak muli ako, saang bansa kaya maganda?” tinanong ko yan sa sarili ko ang sabi ko, sa Pilipinas, pero napagisip-isip ko, bakit, parang plastik? hindi kaya, kaya tayo bumabagsak dahil kapwa tao natin, kinukutya natin, minamaliit natin, kahit sariling wika di natin gamitin sa kapwa pinoy, inenglish english natin, ^^ nako tinamaan din ata ako.

    • yun yun mismo.
      walang cooperation sa ating lahat at saka mashadong nagpapanggap ang mga Pinoy na ang English/anything Western ang standard ng pagiging “superior”.

      dati paulit ulit ko ding iniisip, “bakit di na lang ako naging Hapon?”. Kaya nga 50-50proud Filipina ang nilagay ko sa About Me ko.

      tinamaan din ako eh. 😛

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