That’s Incredible.

Today was our last day of classes for the 2nd semester.

Or the last day of classes for my 1st year.

Yes, it officially ended TODAY.

At Math time, we were not doing anything. This was one of the subjects I kind of felt I was failing, but I did not think so that much. But of course I have doubts, then suddenly the teacher announced, “To those who will pass their notebooks and have a complete lecture, I’ll give you an additional of 30points to add to your failed quizzes. But I’ll give a deduction of 5 points for every topic not on your notes.”

Now we’re talking. That is what I was waiting. I badly needed the additional points so I won’t get a 5.00 (failing mark) or 3.00 (which is 75%; no way). And there, I still have a huge chance to get 2.5 or more. :]

At Physics time, we weren’t doing anything also. But we have to pass our index cards where we have to put down the records of our quizzes, hws, sws, class participation, etc. I hate to say it but I have 2 failed quizzes, 1 failed major exam, and 2 failed seat works. This is where I thought I really had no chance. As in NO FAT CHANCE TO PASS. Surprisingly, when the 3rd quiz arrived and I computed my grade, I so freakin’ passed my prelim grade, so all I have to worry about is to get better on my Final Exam. But my grade on the Prelim period was only 3.00 (75%), and of course since I wouldn’t want that. The teacher then told us that she lowered the passing rate to 45% (!!!) so as to lessen the number of failing students (thankfully I’m not one of them~). We were all so happy, us who thought we were tagilid.

And so this makes me pass Math and Physics. All I have to do to pass surely is to study for my Final Exam. To compensate for the failed quizzes.

And then there goes my Finals in Physics Lab. Okay, I’ll say this is the easiest subject of all since all we do is to experiment, but I swear I am still anxious on passing this. It’s because 1) I failed my Prelim (because I forgot which is theoretical and experimental, but if I just didn’t doubt on my answers and didn’t exchange my theoretical answer for experimental answer, I will surely get 70+/100.) 2) I TOTALLY DIED ON OUR FINAL EXAM!!! because I was slacking off, taking the subject for granted, thinking it was of no use.

But dude, if I was to take this subject this summer, I do not get the sense. It is only a 1.00 unit subject, meaning if I failed this I have to pay only a thousand to take the summer classes. But what I am thinking is that why do I even have to retake it when I fully understood the application, it’s just that I don’t want to compute? Well I like to compute since that is my job on our group, but damn I don’t do it well on exams. Even though they say this is where they’ll know your performance and your understanding, I think it’s unnecessary. I have a lot of block mates who almost perfect their exams because of cheats and kodigo.

Oh well, there are a lot of good news that came to me this week. We defended our paper so well that the teacher told us that she clearly saw our effort to do and pass and defend the research and that she loved the way we answered (well that was our assumption and understanding). And then Clarence told me that Sir Alex of ICS2 was planning to lower the passing rate to 50% but it was still not sure (still I think it’s good news since I failed all my quizzes and prelim exam on this subject). Then I am getting good results in English and we’re doing well in our paper. Then the Math thing. Then the Physics thing.

Because of this, I totally believe God hears me. Since this week, I started praying every night, thanking Him for everything He did and telling Him that I will just follow His will no matter what. And I think those mentioned above are some of the results. I need to be persistent to continue my success. 😀


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