MRT Station.

Another dream from the other day.

All I remember was that, Clarence and I rode a jeep together, and we met our classmates Evan and Marissa there. We were wearing our Thomasian Engineer shirt and we have alot of bags on us. I carried a backpack and one paper bag. So yeah, we chatted while we were on the jeep. Then suddenly, I told Clarence, “Tell  me when we’re about to go all right?” and she nodded. After a few minutes, she just jumped out of the jeepney so I like, did the same thing and ran after her. And I told her, “What’s the matter? Why so fast? Look, I even forgot my 2 bags over there, I have nothing with me!”. And she replied, “It’s okay, Evan and Marissa will take care of it.” We just stood in front of a building close to the MRT trail, and we’re like waiting for nothing. I asked Clarence, “What station will you drop off?” and she said something like, “Sa RedH???** Station.” And I replied, “Aww, that goes first before Baclaran right? Why are you going there?”. And she said she’s gonna meet someone. **When I woke up, I can’t remember the word she said.

We walked towards the MRT station and bought our tickets, when Marissa came and dropped my bags. Then she left. I rummaged inside my bags to see if something was lost, but to my surprise, everything was tidied and not like how I left them. 😛


I told this dream to Clarence yesterday during our Math 116 class, and she was laughing at the station. I told her the exact details and why the eff would the two people be Evan and Marissa and why should she be dropping off to Red??? station.

Then after a few hours, our adviser told us that we have to attend a seminar about Solaris at 11-12pm, so we did. When the seminar almost ended, Clarence and I was shocked because all of a sudden, something was shown on the projector and it says “Red Hat”. We glanced at each other and I told Clarence, “Don’t tell me I dreamt of you working for Red Hat? DAYUM! BIG TIME!”

The End.


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