O sige, habol pa!

My birthday is finally over.

I’m officially 16 years, 192 months, 835 weeks, 5845 days, 140284 hours, 8417081 minutes, 505024893 seconds old!

Not everyone in my university knows about my birthday [though I am the only one in the CS organization who celebrated her birthday on January 22], and I don’t want them to know. I am somewhat shy (yeah, right) and I don’t want them singing “Happy Birthday” because I will blush. XD

But when I arrived to UST @ room 48, Carlo Poblete greeted me, and I think those who are with him heard that. So I thanked him of course. 😛

Then there, I don’t want others to know more about the occasion, so I remained quiet and didn’t give a hint about it the whole morning. But I don’t know how Jan Immanuel Johnson and Emerson Magbag got the notion that it was my birthday yesterday, and since these two guys are so loud (noisy, or whatever LOUD), they greeted “Happy Birthday!” with their cheerful voices. And I was like, “No, it’s not my birthday today! Tapos na kaya!” and they said, “E di belated happy birthday! Libre naman dyan!”. But I thanked them anyhow. 😀 And then before theology class started, Ryan Reyes greeted me too, and even blamed me (he greeted late) for not saying it was my birthday yesterday. LOL. Big deal? And also Francis Paulo Alhambra greeted me, obviously because he heard. HAHA.

Then yeah, I appreciated that some of them knew or heard and minded that it was my birthday yesterday. As much as I wanted to throw a huge party, I just can’t because basically they are too many, and I don’t have enough budget. So I told them I’m sorry, and it’s their fault I can’t make libre to them because they are already late. Talk about excuses!

And on Filipino time, while my professor was busy asking the top-scorers on the exam about their secrets for achieving those grades, I was laughing while talking to Esther and Angelo, then the teacher caught me and I need to recite. And when I stood up, the prof said “Anong sikreto mo sa pagkuha ng mataas na marka sa exam?” and while I was answering, “pag-aaral ng mabuti” someone shouted “BIRTHDAY!!”. It was like a reflex action, my teacher of course asked, “It’s your birthday today?” and I told her no, that it was so yesterday.Then somebody again said, “Di niya po kase sinasabe eh!” so I was getting nervous (i don’t know the right word), and then everyone began singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Due to my uneasiness on that, I sat down and bowed down. I was shocked but I was totally blissful that even though they’re kind of late and I am not really close to these groups of people (I was in a section filled with people I just knew), they gave their effort singing and all. 😀

And the ending, the teacher said, “Tapos na nga daw eh, bakit pa kayo kumakanta?” and called me to repeat my answer again. Dakilang kontrabida. LMAO!

Here are the people who greeted me today, even if it’s belated. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Mary Ann Climaco (12.?? am) – belated happy birthday sayo! she said something like unang madaling araw ko daw yung kagabi while I was texting her.

Paolo Nicolai Alto (12.09am) – belated Happy birthday! Sna aq 1st nag belated XP (sorry Paolo, nauna si Mary :P)

Jan Immanuel Johnson and Emerson Magbag (7.?? am) – it was before our first class. And they were the ones who were asking for a blowout. HAHA. 😛

Ryan Christopher Reyes and Francis Paulo Alhambra (7.??am) – OKAY they heard. LOL! peace dudes. XD

some of the CS4 2nd sem students (11.??am) – they sang me a Happy Birthday song but was cut off by our Fil2 professor. =_= (January 23 – present)

Sascha Chmiel (3.07 am) – happy birthday caryl! i wish you all the best. greetings from germany -sascha

Shane Green (7:27am) – Happy Birthday Caryl! I hope you have a GREAT DAY!

Rogie Romario (8.19am) – belated Happy Birthday!!! =) kamusta ang iyong celebration?

Justin Sucgang (11.16am) – maligayang kaarawan sa’yo!

Vincent Ronald Cabero (2.36pm) – ai. tae. bday mu nga pla khapon. hahaha. bl8ed happy bday. hehehe. tc and GODBLESS

Jonathan Gagui (5.17pm) – happy day. belated xD

Arvin Reyes (5.32pm) – belated happy birthday :))

Adrian Tan (8.2pm) – belated happy b-day….sorry di ko alam eh T_T

Joanne Sopoco (9.40am, Jan. 24) – happy birthday.. 🙂

Faye Tumaliuan (12.??pm, Jan. 24)

Lia Nadine Tinio (Jan. 24)


Thank you again my friends! :]


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