ish-yo burtday!

생일 축하합니다!

it’s my birthday! And finally, I turned 16~ 😀

Now, I’m legal. LOL. Legal in what? A lot of stuff!

I told you about how I tend to forget that my birthday is already upcoming, so before this day, I kind of accepted that not everyone might be able to remember it and just my close friends will. But it’s all right, because this morning, something surprising happened!

To all the people who greeted me today, thank you very much. Words are too limited to show how much I am grateful for all those greetings and for remembering my special day.


Here are the great people who greeted me through text messages!

Timothy James Ortigas (05.00am) – Hapi bday jaun. ü

Ralph Aldrich Magno (05.11am) – Happy birthday janix!ü God Bless!

Mary Ann Climaco (06.00am) – Happy birthday! God Bless and m0re bdays 2 c0me~

Marie Lynn de los Reyes (06.24am) – Happy birthday jaun! ^^

Emzika Menor (06.37am) – Otanjoubi Omedetou, Janii! Ü Yay, 16 ka na! You’re older than Yuto and 2 yrs. Younger than Kanata! [Uu, kelangang ganun ang greeting! XD] Anyway, best wishes at mtupad sana mga wish m0, kung anuman yung mga yun. :)) Magpakabait ka na ah! 😄 TCIC! Ingat lagi! xoxo Yamada Emushi

Alyssa Marie Sanchez (06.43am) – Hey girl! Happy 16th bday. Naks nman sweet sixteen na.haha.i read ur blog last nyt.

Paolo Alejandro Alfonso (07.02am) – bad3p naman, late n nga q nagising, nahuli p ng pulis fx na cnsakyan q 😐 an0 bang mer0n special s araw na t0h at ang malas2 ata ü >:) hahaha ü

Rich Fernandez (08.46am) – jaun! happy borshday! :))

Alyssa Marie Valoria (09.58am) – ei, happy bday.ü wish you all the best in your sweet sixteen;-)

Tricia Louise Parcia (11.52am) – g’aftie.ü tapus na klase qu. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANII. ü cream ka naman.? haha. helo. // i am the chosen ONE. @gran ma.

Virgil Bennet Cruz (12.12pm) – Happy bday jani,ü

Neal Aldrich Chug (02.58pm) – Ui..Happy birthdayü


Jien Caryl Tabangcura (05.45pm) – Janica! Happy birthday! 😀

Janine Marie Arboleda (05.49pm) – Janica happy birthday sayo :>

Shaula Abbygail Manawat (07.12pm) – Happy bday jani!

Shaula Abbygail Manawat (07.18pm) – HapPY BDAY JANI! I mis u!

Paolo Nicolai Alto (07.49pm) – Happy birthday!

Christian Santiag0 (07.50pm) – Hapi bday.! Xtian to..sori kng l8 na.cge tke cre alwayZ…

Tricia Parcia (11.51pm) – sana ako na yung last na bumati sayo ngayon. [haha yes she was. :P]


Those are a lot, and most are totally unexpected! This night, Milan Lisette Doria even called just to greet me! How thoughtful of her. 😀 [She called because she said she wasn’t registered in unlitxt. XD]


And then, here are those who greeted me a while ago @UST: [arranged according to time XD]

Clarence Mojares, Francis Noel Alarcon, Raisa Erina Bautista [she and phi gave me a cute bear key chain made from JP!!], Janette de Castro [“Ang sakit ng puson ko. Happy birthday Jaun! XDD”], Christopher Daniel Flores [phi!! thanks for the gift!], Maria Esther de Jesus, Paolo Alejandro Alfonso, Timothy James Ortigas [thank you very much sa cake!!], Cyrolle Vendivil, Tricia Louise Parcia, Michel Ace Fortin [tama ba?], Johvie Andrae Cuan, Marissa Omlang, Elpidio Concepcion III, Elizabeth Paran, Maria Karla Pangilinan, Rim Mariel Velasco~


And lastly, the INTERNET PEOPLE!! [They are sooo many!! I can’t arrange it anymore.  And these are the people who greeted at Jan. 21-22 on YM. :P]

Christine Zarah Garcia [nangunguna as always!], Michelle Zarah Garcia [o shempre, buntot ni ate.], Gabriel Ardel Naval, Anthony Panlaqui, Stefani Tan [super nauna yung regalo bago yung greeting. XDD], Arvin Reyes [di nya alam na bday ko pero nagtanong, so wala.], Carl Adrian Chavez [mga kabortday ng January!].

And here are the ones who greeted me on YM, Friendster, etc. today. ADIIIIIIIK. dami nyo.:

YM: Mharcel Apostol, Joanne Escultura, Michelle Zarah Garcia [nanaman!], Vincent Patrick Lucero, Christopher Daniel Flores, Yjasmin Naquila, Raisa Erina Bautista [AND THE PACKAGE STUFF!! woo!], Francis Noel Alarcon, Gabriel Luis Emmanuel Matias, Gabriel Ardel Naval, Princess Hernandez, Marie Lynn delos Reyes, Paolo Alejandro Alfonso and Timothy James Ortigas [mga status nyo. :P], Roger Ferias, Cyrolle Vendivil, Wilwina Bassig, Francis Allen Cabuyadao, Alain Jericho King, Jemimah Kezha Mallari, Christine Zarah Garcia [ULET!], Lalenna Giulia Amper.

Friendster: Christine Zarah Garcia, Kim Badbadon, Elizabeth Paran, Vebi, Neal Aldrich Chug, Krystal Jade Heruela, Cindy, Robert Martin Dinglasan, Maria Charmaine Daphne Yonzon, Tyron Lucido, Bea Uson, Franz Guillermo, Camille Cariño, Arriane Enriquez, Prince Homer Camon, Josephine Antonette Sunga Bal, Alyssa Marie Sanchez.

Multiply: Style And Carry Bags [oh ha! sosyal!], Timothy James Ortigas, Tricia Louise Parcia, Marie Lynn delos Reyes, Faye Tandog.

Facebook: Karla Cristobal (Jan 21 and 22. adik din. XD), Ate Vahn Ayson~ Marie Lynn delos Reyes, James Abellanosa, Jerry Gaitan.



And I am very thankful and overjoyed that most of them remembered– or maybe not but still greeted anyway– my birthday.


oh geez, i think i’d be updating this entry now and then. XDD

*and if ever you greeted me and your name wasn’t there… I’m sorry!! Just tell me okay? But so far I don’t think I forgot someone. 😛


6 thoughts on “ish-yo burtday!

  1. so, sweet 16 ka na..ok lang yan….We’re still young…hahaha…

    best wiShes!!(kasal??)…

    Hope that all your wishes come true, and more blessing to come…

    Love You friend!!^_^

  2. hoy babae~ next time nlng yung madramang whatevs (este greeting xD) ha? hahahaha! kpag adult ka na >:3 hahahaha belated happy birthday! God Bless and good luck in everything you do in life…xD btw, pnta tayo2 somewhere at some time…yung mejo mdami dami tayo haha kasi yung iba M.I.A ehh! x3 tc always!!! =D

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