Finally, our prelim exams has come to an end.

The details?

First Day of exam. Information and Computer Studies 2. I failed both the 2 quizzes big time (I NEVER REACHED THE STUPID 60% PASSING GRADE), and the chance left for me to pull my grades up is the prelim exam. But dammit. I stayed up late reviewing all the codes here and there, checking the syntax error, analyzing those effin’ codes and memorizing the terms. I let out a huge effort doing all these, but on the exam itself… you know what happened.


So of course, I was upset seeing myself (and my grade) fall down like that, thinking I don’t have any other chances of passing this subject.

I am not a huge fan of SUMMER CLASSES, and I would never want to be one. But the fact that I had grades like this on the 1st half of the semester, ugh. I don’t know what shall I do next.

Second Day of Exam. Physics 102. AND YOU, DAMN YOU PHYSICS. you suck. Why should Computer-Science-students bother reviewing and taking this subject? It’s a waste of money considering a unit costs a thousand. And this subject has 2 units. Really, PHYSUCKS. I still can’t get over my ICS2 exam, but I have to because I need to concentrate on this one, because basically this is the only subject I am not very good at since High School. I reviewed the lessons on the internet, and everyone’s status on messenger is like “Come on, you’re studying and all is just a waste of time, Why study if you’ll just fail?” etc. I, for sure, wouldn’t want to fail so I wasn’t intimidated by their statuses, and I went back to reviewing. I did a lot of problems, I wondered how they got this, and I found out why by myself. I really didn’t know what is happening to my head, it just suddenly became lazy and gaahh. It’s like it’s going to explode just by memorizing the formulas. So on the day of the exam, I concentrated on the paper. I stared at it. Then started answering. All of a sudden I was at ease answering those problems, but something crept me inside and I felt like I want to cry because I am not sure of my answers. I badly needed to pass this exam so as to not be one of the summer students and take up Physics again on Summer. No thanks.

Since this was on a Friday, I forgot all my ranting and tried to erase Physics on my mind because I was going to see my best friends in High School. Sort of like a reunion. And then we will watch the PALARO 2009 and see how’s our old school going. Nothing changed. Everything almost worsened. The gym we used to play basketball and other sports–it’s gone. They’re just using an old parking lot at the back of the school’s building. It’s awful, I know, but it’s all that they can do so that the students can still enjoy their Palaro and take a break from school works.

I saw my past crushes. Thankfully they are already PAST. I don’t like the idea of having one of them as my boyfriend today, because they also changed a lot. Philip became ugly, I mean with all those pimples and stuff. Jan was still cute; he didn’t look anymore thinner than before and he’s taller (waah!), however, he’s like a hunchback and I just don’t feel him anymore. Yeah that’s all. Enough. The PALARO 2009 Ending Program was a bore. =_=

Third day of exam. Philippine History and Filipino 2. I have no problems with this; I was just worried of forgetting my answers and such. Sometimes I wish people do not forget. T^T

Fourth day of exam. English 101B and Math 116. WAWAWAWA. I don’t know what to review in English, and I knew I do well in this subject, so I didn’t put a lot of effort reviewing. I was late when the exam started, but thankfully I finished it on time. And the exam is somewhat easy. Or, I was just slacking off? NO!

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATH. I MEMORIZED THE FORMULAS AGAIN!! But sadly. Okay, this was the day that I cried so hard and I wanted to jump off the Engineering Building. Because, I didn’t answer 3 of the items in the exam, so definitely it’s a -15, unless she gives me a few points for writing the formula (PLEASE!!! ]:). I cried at the washroom, telling my friends that I am so stupid (they won’t believe, but the other one, I know she’s smiling like >:) at my remark), and told them I am so gonna take summer classes on this subject. At first, despite all their motivation and talks about the bonuses that the prof will give us, I didn’t care. I was busy crying, sniffing, and staring at the moving cars on Legarda St. Then later on, after I prayed, I was enlightened. All of a sudden, I know I am not going to take summer classes. Thank you Lord for keeping me company and always being there when my own strength fails.

My classmates mentioned about my birthday. That day, I even forgot the date. I totally forgot that my birthday is almost there in 2 days. I was a numskull.

Last Day of exam. Theology 2. I STAYED VERY LATE AT NIGHT REVIEWING THIS! My whole filler was filled with my professor’s long lectures, and I can impossibly review those in a few hours. They’re just a LOT. In lot, I mean a lot. NVM. So I reviewed from 7.30pm to 1.30am. Cool? No. When it was the exam a while ago, the test was so different than I expected. It was easy, but it contained the details in my lecture that I didn’t pay attention to. Or maybe I did, but I forgot. But I am reluctant I’m not gonna fail my exam.


Everyone I talked to was right. May Finals pa naman. Kaya  magbago ka na hangga’t maaga pa. 🙂

THANK YOU LORD! *hallelujah* m(U__U)m


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