It’s Year 2009~


Yeah, ’nuff said. My new year was not that grand and all, and my dad wasn’t here, but it’s all right, since I have my friends around [in Y! Messenger] and with my mom and sisters.

We wore red.

Then they wore polkadotted blouses.

And I wore the same red thing.

I chatted with a lot of international/national friends before and after 12:00am.

And I jumped a lot at 12:00am.

I WANT TO GROW TALLER!!! 5-6 inches more!!


Same old me.

I think I am still crazy and lazy, since I haven’t yet done my school stuff [I only did Physics.  WHAT’S LEFT: Theology 2, Math 116, Physics 102, Filipino 2… and finish Gossip Girl. XD]

Well. That’s all. Not the best party for a new year. But I hope everything would be much better this year compared to what’s there last year. 😀

New Year’s Resolution? I will do my best to be a Dean’s lister, or if not, make my grades higher than last semester. But still, being a DL is better. Annnnnnnnnd I promise I will not have a crush/admiration on a boy on a very long time unless he is Kanata H.


oh and i just noticed that Sunshine of Sexbomb looks like Shin Mina. HAHA.

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