Paskuhan 2008

what: Paskuhan 2008
where: UST Grandstand, or anywhere you want within the campus.
when: 19.12.2008

I arrived to UST at 4.00pm. The Paskuhan will officially start on 5.30pm, but they say we have to be there by 3.30pm.

We went there somehow EARLY to claim our food stubs [thanks to Gian Pera, we weren’t able to get our food stubs because he is nagmamagaling] from Domeng. And then there.

The whole Paskuhan wasn’t actually that exciting, except for the fireworks! Professors told us that that is where the university spends their money on. There were raffle to those who are lucky enough to win PSPs, Laptops, Desktop PCs, etc., and band concerts.

Actually, the whole time we were there, all we did was to play with our PSPs, or take pictures. It [Paskuhan] wasn’t really interesting if it weren’t for the fireworks, because that was mainly the reason why students and other people went there.

Here are some snapshots:

To view the whole album, click here: Janii’s Multiply


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