Bella Swan was infected. ROFLOLMAO.

so i am speaking here about the breaking dawn stuff, specifically about bella and edward’s intercourse. DA HECK. why am i even writing this? lol.

i was sharing the whole stuff to a friend, and the way i interpreted the intercourse thing turned out to be hilarious.

janii: i dont find the purpose of the whole saga
hii_no_tori : hehe..bitin dw yung movie eh
janii: ano yun, pano maging posible ang pagintercourse ng bampira at tao?
janii: :))

hii_no_tori : have u read d buk?/aq di pa eh..hehe
hii_no_tori : lool!! :))
janii: nabasa ko na.. and napanood.XD
janii: much better if you read the book first,
hii_no_tori : the vampire will ruin her!!hehe
janii: before you read the takipsilim :))
janii: HE DID!!
hii_no_tori : lool!! :))
janii: sa breaking dawn
janii: wtfh :))
hii_no_tori : i heard magiging vampire rin c bella
janii: YAH
janii: kase nga
hii_no_tori : so ok na cla mg intercourse!!haha :))
janii: nasalinan na ng dugo
janii: :))
hii_no_tori : loool!!
janii: hnde!! nagintercourse ata muna
janii: =))
hii_no_tori : ano xa my dengue??hahha
janii: HAHA!!!
janii: oo nga no
hii_no_tori : looool!!
janii: vampires can be mosquitoes
janii: ang galing mo ah
janii: :))

so the conclusion that we made was:

si edward cullen ay isang kawawang lamok lang pala. na nagsalin ng dengye nung nagyou know what na sila ni bella. yun lang daw pala yung way para dumami ang kampon nya.

kagat ng bampira = kagat ng lamok.

lol. kawawang bella, nagkadengue. ang galing ni meyer i-interpret si edward cullen. napakagwapong mosquito.

BEWARE of mosquitoes. LOL. Well, who knows, they might transform and they can be your own Edward Cullen. 😛

many thanks to isabel s.[yung pinaka-hawt na bebot, pare!], for without her, this whole theory about the mosquito, vampire, edward, and bella wouldn’t have come out.

wala kameng magawa sa mundo. XD

ALERT: I am not writing here to oppose on your views about Twilight or matters like that, and we do not wish to change your perception of the story. If you think this post is rather offensive or ridiculous, it is better if you just keep your reactions to yourselves, since this is just a sudden thought, no intensions of hurting and the like. It is purely made out of our craziness. Forgive us for that.


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