Goodbye 1CS4, Hello 1CS4.

We had a dramatic event when the second semester started. I belong to the section 1CS4 on the 1st semester, and I loved the way we are there. We are all united and are very close to each other. We had plans that by the time we are going to choose our next section, that will still be the same 1CS4 we had. But when this annoying pre-sectioning began, all we had are rants and outbursts.

We signed-up ONLINE for the section we wanted to be in. It was actually all of a sudden because it was just announced THAT DAY that the sectioning will happen online. So what we did was of course, sign-in to our messenger and in the eLeap. We waited for 5.30 pm because that is the time we can sign-in to our section CS4.

5.30 came, and dammit, when I signed up, there were already 8 people who got in our section. We can’t see that names so we do not know who they are. And by the time it was 5.45, the section was full.

And the pathetic and totally frustrating part here?

there are two:

  1. There are only 6 original CS4 students who got to sign in on the 1CS4 section.
  2. We don’t know the rest, the other 36 people there.

But in the end we are contented since at least we know someone from our section, and I am with SOME of my friends.


2 of the original CS4 who are actually enrolled in the section 1CS4 was dropped out from the list because:

  1. The first was sent to the Information Technology section [she’s not allowed to be with the CS majors anymore, but what is odd is that she is in CS last sem!]
  2. The other one was an irregular student, so he has to choose another section to avoid conflicts in his schedule.


On the day of the enrollment, we were sour graping and doing all the defense mechanisms just to avoid depression from being separated. We really love our section and how we are together, that is why we are all O_____o when the 1st day of school resumed. We do not know how we will socialize with bigger groups and unknown groups.

AND MY FORMER CS4 CLASSMATES TOLD ME: they will never find another classmate who is just like me.


And to be honest, I do not like the way my new classmates look at us [specially those who belong to the other section before who are the ones who actually invaded 1CS4].

The 1st week of the second semester was over, and on the last 2 days I was somehow getting used to how my new classmates are, and I am now used to being quiet, unlike before. Being quiet is totally not my usual self, but I do this to avoid bursting out what I hate about them and what I do not like about them and also to avoid giving them a bad impression of mine, or avoid something like “I do not like this girl because she’s acting like a know-it-all” but actually I am not. Yes, there are SOME who are nice, but most of them are like TUPPERWARES. I would not want to conclude, but actually I can easily read a person’s personality, and to sum it all up, they are PRETENTIOUS. Not generally ALL of them.


All I can do is prove to them what I can

and WHO I AM.


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