Microsoft Seminar in University of Santo Tomas.

A Microsoft Seminar for our university’s Computer Studies students is held in the Education Auditorium at 1:00pm.

The seminar focused on the latest software presented by Microsoft® such as the Expression® Studio 2 and Silverlight.


  1. The first software discussed is the Expression® Web 2. Basically it is just like the typical designing software like Photoshop or the built-in designing tool MS Paint by Microsoft. The difference is that, unlike the typical design software wherein you just edit and/or create images, Expression® Web 2 is also somewhat combined with the capabilities of Microsoft® Outlook because it offers the style sheet of the file that you create. Technically, this software is an important aid for web developers or web designers and also somehow acting like a step for beginner web developers/designers to practice their skills by simply creating something and voila! Your web page is ready for action! What you just need is imagination. :]
  2. By the time this software was discussed, I was actually snoring, but I was able to get a glimpse of the action and the features of Expression® Blend 2. Also, this software introduces the Silverlight feature, wherein the typical stop-play video interface is equipped with better functions and such. There are actually a lot of features but what I liked the most about this are the Animation, True 3D, Visual Studio Integration and the design surface. It is also an easy way to create applications and wonderful designs.

Those are the two things that I have learned from the seminar because I got home after they discussed the Expression® Studio 2 features. It was the thing that I came in the seminar for. XD

  • AND I WANTED TO BE A Microsoft Student Partner! I am a Computer Science major, and they only accept students from age 18 and above. But too bad I am only 15.

Microsoft Student Partners

Microsoft Student Partners


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