This is how a 14 and 15 year old argue. [END.]



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and if you’re sure you’re not gonna have nosebleed.

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[Korean Boy, 14]
Ok thanks I hope you do well on your tests and other assignments and projects.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
i will read and reply, sure thing but with no assurance that it will be ASAP lol. yes, she is one of my CyFriends too, but i haven’t seen her though. take care~ :]

[Korean Boy, 14]
Of course you have to concentrate on your studies lol. Just at least make sure you read my messages even if you can’t reply all the time. I have another friend in Philipines also. You know minju_kim? She is in the philipines also.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
oh all right, that’s good. because i might not be able to log-in as often as before now that our semester break has ended and classes will resume again, meaning i would not be replying to your messages in an instant. hope you had fun here. God bless. :]

[Korean Boy, 14]
Yes I have talked with other cyworld members but we usually talk about school, how was their day, school assignments and random topics and attempts at jokes so yeah not much really.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
i agree! i don’t know but teenagers have been so liberated and already forgot the conservativeness taught by their ancestors. 😛
generally my friends talk about love but i’ve heard so much and it’s really confusing. and if i will ask other people, maybe they’ll also give disgusting topic like sex; something i would not want to talk about at this point.

have you tried sending messages to some CyWorld people other than me? you might encounter more topics that teenagers would like to tackle other than love. [but i hope they would not give you disgusting topics though. haha!

[Korean Boy, 14]
The problem with that is that they usually talk about love specifically with different people. Also where I live people don’t talk much about anything else unless it involves disturbing and/or disgusting topics. Occasionally there is sports and video games.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
Totally agree. Almost the same about my insight below: “Because for me, the feelings mentioned below would fit couples rather than that of “friends”.”

i ran out of examples. can we shift to another topic? lol. because love is generally a broad topic to discuss, and it is basically hard to elaborate on this matter and prove each statements unless we’ve actually experienced it.

and right now i can’t think of a topic that teenagers would love to talk about, besides love. would you ask your friends if they know of anything that most teenagers would love to conceptualize?

[Korean Boy, 14]
Well yes sure anyone can do the things you mentioned. But the thing with those is that it is not common for people who are just friends to do that. Not impossible but it is not seen often. I mean how often do you see friends holding hands together walking down the street. You’d assume they are a couple right? It is partially natural instinct.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
Apology accepted. It’s all right. :]

Yes, I strongly agree with the fact that it’s hard to recognize love and infatuation, especially when you are in it, right? And yes, when you hate someone, you get in fury and almost want to get rid of them, and when you loathe you would really want to get rid of them, but you just can’t.
Well, these emotions have their own intensities as well.
I think love is when you would almost sacrifice the necessary things in your life just to be with him/her. By sacrifice, I don’t mean die for the person you love because, what’s the use of dying? You’d rather be alive to be with her to cherish every moment. And in love every feeling reaches to the maximum level all of a sudden. Getting more intense, I should say.

have you ever liked someone so much but you don’t regard it as love?

I’ll share something. It’s annoying but it somehow proves something to our conversation about love:

[a text message from a friend]

heart to heart talks,
hands together…
leaning on shoulders…
tight hugs…
goodbye kisses…
half-meant jokes…
sweet compliments…
mixed signals…
uncertain feelings…
unsaid emotions…

…but they are “JUST FRIENDS”.
At this point i can say that everyone has different perceptions on matters such as love. Because for me, the feelings mentioned above would fit couples rather than that of “friends”. But to other people, they would agree that friends can do these kinds of things. Did you get my point?

[Korean Boy, 14]
My apologies perhaps I misunderstood your statements. But my opinion is that love and infatuation share similar qualities that make it difficult to distingusih between the two. Oh and it is possible to be nervous and overwhelmed by the thought of the person because love is a stronger attraction to the person than say just liking someone is so it is possible to have qualities of both infatuation mixed with qualities that would represent love. A good example would be the idea of hate. In hate you just wish a person was not in your presence. But if you despise something which is a stronger form of dislike you might even want to get rid of the person. The similarity is the fact that you don’t want the person in your presence or your life but despising someone could mean beyond just that.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
I did not say anything such as love is not a feeling but just an attraction? But rather LOVE is more that just a physical attraction. And if you were meaning to say that if you get into love you have no emotions, that is not what I am pointing out. Because in love, you do not get nervous but you get overwhelmed just by the thought of that person.

And to tell you honestly, I cannot relate to your example of love because I haven’t known somebody for so long but will just fall to him after we’ve been together. Because I have never been to that situation.

For me, infatuations doesn’t last for years or so. But love does. But sometimes, when certain situations doesn’t make sense anymore, there goes the break-up. I have never had a boyfriend or anything, so I really don’t know.

[Korean Boy, 14]
My opinion is love is the attraction to a specific person that is stronger than just normal infatuation. Your theory is correct in that love can’t be controlled however there is some doubt in that theory. It is possible that you might have known someone for a long time but then out of a sudden you fall in love right? It would be wrong to say that love is uncontrollable or unpredictable. Also I disagree on your statement that love is not a feeling and just an attraction. This is because if you are in love you are attracted to the person for a reason. These might be some qualities he has or you just favor him but obviously you would have to feel attracted to him in order to call it love. How could you love someone and yet feel no emotion. If you are attracted to someone and this is without emotion I would have to say you were attracted by seduction rather than through falling in love I believe some people have a difficult time distinguishing the two.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
You enjoy reading history books? That’s great, but as for me I spend tome reading almanacs and dictionaries and encyclopedias. I also love history books especially when it show how my past affects the person I am now.

And the way I define socialize is the reason why I also have this account. lol. And I think I am not the correct person to ask what is love, but I am open to give any opinions.

I’d say that LOVE is something deeper than infatuation. I’d give an example to elaborate more on my statement. For example, you like this certain person, and whenever you meet her, it makes you nervous; I would call this infatuation. Because you just admire the person on what he/she looks like. But if you meet the person but you don’t feel anything but glad that you are with her, then I guess I’d call that love, because you are confident and aren’t shy of what you are when you are with the person, and you accept that person for who she really is, no matter what he/she looks like. And LOVE is not choosing who you’d fall to; that is why it’s called FALLING IN LOVE. [my mushy opinion. haha!]

[for me, okay? XD]. Because love is arbitrary, and I never had any experiences with it. I only got into the stage of infatuation. And sometimes, if I will think it’s infatuation, they will say it’s already love. It is really complicated.

What can you say about love? It’s so hard to defiiiiiiiine and expound. sheesh.

[Korean Boy, 14]
I enjoy reading too. But most books I read are history books. Also your definition of socializing fits exactly the purpose of why I created a cyworld account. One thing I would have to say that I know least about is love. Can teenagers really talk about love? What is love? If you like someone is it love or just an attraction to them that lasts very briefly? All these questions come into my mind when I ponder on the topic. What is your opinion?


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