This is how a 14 and 15 year old argue. LOL! [UPDATED!]



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[Filipino Girl, 15]
well, let’s see. what do teenagers enjoy talking about the most?
there is primarily this topic that even I can’t talk much but I’ve had experience.
almost every teenager talks about it!! All throughout the world. But me, I actually keep away from it because I don’t regard it as a thing of huge importance, but we need it though.
What can you say? that’s just what I’ve noticed from the other teens and my classmates. And also average teenagers love SOCIALIZING, but I don’t exactly know what THEY mean by that. I mean, I’m not sure if that “socializing” they mean is the same as the “socializing” I am thinking, like getting to know each other, having friends, etc. HAHA!

As a teen myself, what I enjoy is music, drawing, and a lot of reading. I am open to a lot of topics but these things above have great influence to the teenager I am now. Especially reading.

[Korean Boy, 14]
Hahaha except my problem isn’t that I have too much adult influence but rather I don’t have enough child influence. You see the difference is that I actually enjoy the topics of politics and adult related stuff. But I am a teenager and it is by some sort of natural instinct that we are attracted to more things that are less important to the modern world. I just need assistance in finding things that are what average teenagers enjoy and just mix them with what I already enjoy and I should have a well balanced personality of maturity and yet maintaining the qualities found in an average teen.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
That’s good.
I understand your problem and for that I can compare you to “Little Prince”. It is a book I have read in my High School. I recommend that you read it too because somehow, Little Prince was also molded in a world the adults would want him to live. And yes, when I was young I wasn’t given the option to enjoy my childhood because I was influenced by a lot of people in our community, and most of them are adults. So I was more exposed to matters like politics and stuff rather than matters like playing and other childish stuff.

I get to enjoy my childhood in when I was in my teenage years. It was kind of late but somehow I get to experience it rather than being an adult all throughout life.

Well then, how may I help you? :]

[Korean Boy, 14]
The term friend is probably the best option you could use to call me I would like that. Yes it is my hope to have more common conversations which is part of the reason why I created a cyworld. I’ll be honest I have a difficulty speaking on topics that generally should be easy for most teenagers my age. You see I was raised in a way to believe that sophistication and maturity is positive. I came to believe that philosophy and now I speak well on topics that are generally more interesting to adults but I feel as if I’m missing a part of my teenage side. I hope you can help me find a balance within myself. You would look like a good mediator between my split personalities. Please I ask for your assistance.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
I have thought of the same reasons as mentioned below. And actually I don’t want to think of all those things aforementioned as “arguments” but rather “normal conversations”, such as the way friends would be giving their own perceptions on a lot of matters in life. I also would like to thank you for having the time to talk to me; I never got bored and I was actually expecting a reply from you every time I send the message/s haha~

And yeah! I am also glad to know you and I hope that I can call us FRIENDS then? But then actually, I do not really know how should I address you? lol~

[Korean Boy, 14]
Yes we have learned something. I am also sorry that you are not in such a good financial position. It is good to hear that we came to an understanding of each of our viewpoints. Yes and I accept your apology and I do understand how it might have been possible to have come to that assumption. It is actually quite enjoyable to speak to you because you seem to be the first to be able to write at a level equal to me. This is a first since I’m generally the only one who speaks likes this but it is nice to know someone else can write at the same level thank you.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
As what I have said before, I have never been to the United States since we are deprived of financial support, and the only thing that enhanced the way I speak the English language is because of my Alma Mater. By the way, I’d like to apologize for such an assumption I made, yeah and the “debate” was pointless but somehow we’ve learned something from each other, haven’t we?

And if ever I made you feel that you’re conceited or anything like that, it’s not what I am trying to say. Because this is the first time that I have talked and shared a lot of things to a person who’s a thousand miles away from here. And I’m glad of having to talk to a sensible person like you.

[Korean Boy, 14]
I’m not specifically trying to speak highly of myself if that is your assumption but I do agree the “debate” was quite pointless. Judging by how you respond to my statements I can safely assume you are very intelligent and I commend you for your accomplishments at a such an early age. If it was possible for me I would even try to take advanced courses in order to quickly receive college credits. Oh by the way you speak english well have you visited the United States?

[Filipino Girl, 15]
Yes I agree, but only to a certain extent. But you know, when you get to real life, and when you apply for a job, let’s say for example, Person A graduated as cum laude from the University of the Philippines [Top Univ in our country] and Person B is a normal graduate from Harvard University [w/some awards], not every company will choose the student according to the school he graduated but the company will see also from the student’s background itself, like moral character, experience, etc..

Besides, I am not here to argue with you about the standards of school curriculum. Somehow I see that you speak too highly of yourself and the country you are living that for some certain reasons I don’t get the exact point why are we exchanging messages. I would not want to be rude but this conversation is kind of pointless if we argue about US, Philippines, education and et cetera.

[Korean Boy, 14]
Correct but I would like to inform you that although you perspective may be true to a certain extent a good school still provides advantages as well. An example would be that the standards to meet certain grades are much higher here than most other countries which means that if you meet that mark you will be having more knowledge in general compared to those who receive the same mark but the school had lower standards. Another reason to support this theory is that say you graduated from Harvard University. You would have a much easier time finding a job than if you said you graduated from Boston University or any not as prestigious school. Wouldn’t you agree?

[Filipino Girl, 15]
I know that. I have a lot of relatives in the US. And they also told me the same thing about education.
All I can say is, no matter how great the system of education is, the manner and knowledge of a person will still depend on himself. If he wants to learn even if the education’s not so good in his country, he will find a way and he can beat whatever the greatest country’s education has. You can brag about the school, but it’s on the student that you get to see what he really learned. Have a nice day.

[Korean Boy, 14]
Oh but that is in in philipines right? Trust me if you were in the United States education system you wouldn’t be that accelerated. In the U.S it would be much harder than the education system in philipines. We have one of the most elite systems of education in the world.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
I wouldn’t want to sound conceited but at the age of 5, I am already in Grade School. I was accelerated twice, that is why I am already in College. I didn’t have to attend middle school, grades 7-12. I was a salutatorian when I graduated Grade School. I entered High School at the age of 11. We have 4 years in High School, so when I graduated last April 2008, I was 15. And this year was just my 1st year in the university.

It just so occurred that when I was in Kindergarten, I was already able to do multiplication and division and speak english well, [I wasn’t born in the US; I live in a community of Tagalog-speaking nationals], so the teachers and the head of the school allowed me to accelerate into grade 1. Though they have doubts that I won’t be able to make it since I am too young for the level, but I proved them wrong.

Yes, my professors and fellow students are also shocked and somewhat amazed because I am way too young to be in a university. They were wondering how did this happened, but then they know and I also know for myself that nothing is impossible, so there.

For me, you too should’ve been accelerated because I think you have a high level of intellect; you’d rather be in 3rd year of High School or maybe also in College right now. 😀

[Korean Boy, 14]
Thank you for the compliment. Now about my english and how well I speak it that is because I was born and raised in the United States. The only korean part about me is my blood, my ability to speak korean, and the food I consume daily. Now when I read your comment about the fact that you are attending a university I was shocked. Please elaborate on how this occurred. At the age of 15 you shouldn’t be in college unless you were a very advanced student.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
Well actually it was sort of like how my fellow college classmates would talk to me, so I thought you were also in college.
Oh and if I haven’t introduced myself formally to you, I am Janica Deza, 15 years old and I am also a freshman, but currently attending a university here in the Philippines. It was a pleasure of being able to talk to such a rational person like you. Would you mind if you tell me, since when have you started learning english? Because not every Korean national I get to talk to can speak the english language as fluently as you can. God bless~

[Korean Boy, 14]
In fact this may surprise you if you had any assumptions about my actual age. My age is 14 I am only a freshman in high school. My friends and teachers also believe that my answers are very well constructed and that I offer solutions in such a uncontroversial manner because it generally is accepted as truth. One friend of mine once stated to me that my speaking sounds of what a professor would lecture.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
that was such a strong answer, huh?
and i know that Korea isn’t an island because I remember my history subject. and that North Korea and South Korea was separated by the 38th Parallel. XD
i was talking about your username though, if it was an island or not.

well it was a pleasure talking to you, though i was wondering, are you a student? because the way you answer, it seems that you are matured enough.

[Korean Boy, 14]
Yes I am Korean and I wish I was no other hahaha. Oh and about the island, if your talking about korea it is not an island. Now if you were talking about my username then I have a picture on my profile page that shows where I got my username from.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
haha! is that so? :]
but actually i wished i was japanese rather than filipino.. >_<
so, i assume you’re korean? because of your name..
it’s an island right? 😀

[Korean Boy, 14]
Oh just out of curiousity. I visited your channel and you have a bunch of Japanese words on there so I was confused as to whether you were filipino,Japanese or both.

[Filipino Girl, 15]
i’m 100% filipino! :]

[Korean Boy, 14]
Are you Japanese or are you philipino? Both? Please respond once you receive this message.


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