Covalent Bonds?

No, I am not talking of Chemistry here. I will be talking about the damn sickening pairing I just found out this year. Oh actually, just last month!

To all those who are fans of Shida Mirai X Kanata Hongo pairing, no, this isn’t a hate letter. Don’t give violent reactions because I am not giving one in this post. ;]

So yeah. I don’t really hate them but just like my friend [she’s anti-YamaShi] said,

Pairings should not exist.

and yes, i agree. Because why would you care about the actors so-called “love-life” and pair him with somebody who’s only a co-worker?
[Oh well, I don’t like ShiNata basically because I like Kanata. XD]


i know they won’t be able to read this but if by chance they can, they should not develop any mutual understanding between them. WAHAHAA! >:] that’s just so mean. it’s because i will be jeaaaalous. i am a fan, yes, not only to kanata but other actors/actresses as well, but i don’t pair them up because it’s just… overrated.

No, not overrated. It’s disgusting. And I can’t seem to change what my impression is towards Shida Mirai! @_@ [and the fact that i was the one who had her hairstyle first in seigi no mikata doesn’t help lol].

I hate it when I read those posts telling ShiNata is better blah blah blah and they fit together because Kanata is better “SINGLE”. Understand? And won’t fangirls kill themselves if they found out that their idol is already “TAKEN”?

Well, to those who like ShiNata to come true, they won’t do suicide. But those who hate them, maybe they will? Kidding!


gah gah. sudden outburst. this should be put to trash but i want to express what i am feeling. so yeah.

</3 jaun

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