I was healed, then I was hurt again.

Yesterday – I am completely over him [my blockmate]

*and i am happy, no more burden in my life.

NOW – My mom spanked me. I mean, slapped my face–hard.

*and i didn’t cry. i am so used to this, almost ever since birth. what’s the use of living inside a house where what your parents always do is scold you and tell you are a nonsense, lazy ass, and yeah, nonsense, and a huge pain in the back. i am doing everything to make her proud of me, i stay late on the computer organizing projects and stuff, maintaining and getting good grades, and this is all she’d give me. HURT me. When in fact, I don’t think I ever hurt her. I talked back, but seldom. That is if I am very busy with stuff and she starts shouting like a mad cow. And if you don’t heed her, a flying slipper will knock your head off. Or maybe her huge handS.

what would you wish for? i bet you would wish you weren’t ever born.


2 thoughts on “I was healed, then I was hurt again.

  1. Hang in there, girl. I feel the same way. We know, right? Ever since our 4th year, our moms are like that. In my case, if I get an award, no comment. Get a failing grade and they’ll bitchslap you or spit hurtful words at you. Sheesh, they do have issues. Let’s just do our best, ne? Someday, we’ll prove how wrong they are.

    Let’s just pray always. TC and God bless~!

  2. hai. soo wa omoi arimasu!

    we should really do our best. right now, what i am totally preparing is my FINALS stuff, because one fail = bye college. bye japan. bye ambitions.


    by the way, i am planning to take this entrance test in Tokyo University [this is such a big opportunity!!!!]. I will apply to it in Japan Embassy when I have time. It’s a scholasrhip, and yes, you need to study a higher level of math and science. and japanese!

    so, wanna join me? :3

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