The revenge of Jude-ass.

We had this friggin’ online exam in our theo subject, and we expected it to be easy, but our ever-witty and intelligent professor put some instructions like, “No Backtracking” and “Random Arrangement of Questions per Computer”, we found it boring to take the exam.

It turned out to be that.

I have my notes for reference, but then the questions are from another topic, “Exodus”, and wherever I scan my notebook or flip their pages, I don’t have “EXODUS” Chapter written in there. So I based purely on my knowledge. Then I had hard time, and thanks to Cyrolle, he suggested a wise way to answer: Search it in the net.

I was like, Oh yeah, why not? But I know most parts here aren’t available over the net. Cyrolle finished first, and he got 10/20. Clarence finished second, and got 12/20. I finished last and got 10/20. Damn it.

Marie on the other hand didn’t know that backtracking isn’t allowed, so she only answered 2 items. I feel sorry for her. Fifi got 8, Aivan got 10, and Rich also got 10. The highest scorer so far is Ilynne, 18/20, next that I know of is Ponch and Janmar, 16/20, then Janette, 14/20.

is this revenge? or it’s just that we didn’t study?

or BOTH?




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