Japanese Boys Stalking My Dream.

These are only the parts in my dream yesternight that remain vivid to me. I don’t know, but a while ago before I get to school, I was nervous about something, but I don’t know what. So here’s how MY DREAM goes.

I was on my way to the university, and I am like an hour late for Math 101 class. I don’t know but before I get to the classroom, I was eating at this canteen in the Engineering building [it looks totally different than the real Eng’g building], then there was this Japanese boy on the other table who was wearing jeans and a red t-shirt with collar. He carried with him a professional camera, and damn, he was like focusing the lenses to me!! I was so ashamed and agitated at that action, and I stood up and went away.

Then suddenly, on my way up the stairs, there were these 2 Japanese boys, one wearing his uniform which I am not familiar to, and the other in casual. I don’t know who are they [I swear I never met them in person– ever.] and why are they haunting me. And by the time I stopped at their pace, they stared at me and winked then smiled, a veeeeeeeryy weird one, because no one ever did that to me, the last time I checked. And then suddenly this boy in red came and was talking to those 2 boys, and I found out that they are friends, so I ran away to my class.

Another weird thing here, I am supposed to be on Room 53, but I kept on missing it, and I don’t know why I can’t find it, then suddenly I just found myself standing in front of the whole class. @_@ I thought Ma’am Vilma would be mad at me for being late for an hour, but instead, she gave me a trigonometry exam [DAMN! a trig exam, considering she’s an algeb teacher!] and it was okay to her if I wanted to answer it at home while my classmates are having a hard time answering it for an hour or so. And then I talked to my friend Clarence, and I can’t remember what we talked about. Then after the conversation, I went out the classroom only to find out…


it was scaaaary and creeeeepy, I don’t know, but that’s how I felt. I can even feel my heart beating harder in real life, not only in the dream. Well, to describe the boys, they are handsome yeah. But something feels weird, something unexplainable?! So yeah, they were waiting there, and they talked to me and asked me if I can go with them [I forgot where or what], but I hesitated, so I went away, and they were FOLLOWING MEEEEEEE~!!! T-T The red guy always has his camera on, and the other guys was like, “I think it would be better if you tilt your head over here?”. I just ignored, went downstairs, then to the washroom, and damn, THEY FOLLOWED! You get it? FOLLOWED INSIDE!!!

I thought they were gay but NO!! The other guy has something in his hand, a videocam [i think. i forgot again], and was like playing with it. Everywhere I go, I always thought I got rid of them. For a second I blink, they’re gone, and for another second I blink they are already there. In every corner I go, I always bump to them.

I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS DREAM MEANS. It was all right, but it was weird and scary in some aspects. And I wonder who are those 3 Japanese boys. IN REAL LIFE, I really do not know them, nor have I seen them somewhere.  They faces are kinda blurry, but I can somehow picture them in my mind, just a bit. They are cool, though.

sweet dreams to me later. =_=



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