The T-Shirt Project: Hayashi Forever!

We had this Fansclub planned within our classroom, involving the Yaoi Duo who suddenly became famous because of us. Because of US? Oh, whatever.

Janette, the prime leader and planner of the said fansclub, said that she wanted the duo to be know through our block, and to the whole UST. And of course, we, her co-workers, are also excited for this. We even planned on submitting a  manga about them on our university’s Otaku group, TomasinOtaku.

It all started because of our Naruto FanFic addiction. Then after our fellow blockmates have known that we write these kinds of stuff, they suddenly wanted to be a part of the story, then the topic about Yaoi and Yuri emerged. I am just not quite sure why Aivan and Ponch [HayaShi] tandem became so famous, because I am not the main wirter of the fic, just the editor.

So yeah, at first, we just write things for fun. Janette didn’t know that it would be a serious one, because when the TomasinOtaku announced that they are planning to make a manga project, without hesitating, we joined and shouted with glee, then started making the plots, characters, yadda yadda yadda.

But then we didn’t know that the real HayaShi Yaoi duo was kinda getting mad on our not-so-sinister plan, so we are on the verge of giving up and rest the papers into the trash. But I had this idea, telling the real HayaShi Yaoi duo to worry no more since we are not writing the HayaShi Forever main cast based on them, but the characters purely from our imagination. And they sort of agreed [actually only Ponch, I’m not sure with Aivan], and then we [Janette, I, and others] started discussing about the matter.

I was also disappointed yesternight because Janette wanted to stop the whole HayaShi thing because she thought that the real HayaShi duo might be mad at her, and because of that I got so mad I wanted to crumple all my drawings after knowing all my efforts gone to waste. But Janette changed her mind just now, when she saw my T-Shirt Project, and she had the urge to continue the HayaShi Forever story again, and again, not basing on Aivan and Ponch. :]


3 thoughts on “The T-Shirt Project: Hayashi Forever!

  1. hahah!!!talagang special mention lagi ung name ko??
    pati ung name ng HayaShi sa naruto fanfic..:))

    okay,, HayaShi started from my fanfic, naruto. Some of our classmates wanted to be part of naruto even just on the fanfic, even they were villain and will die in the end. So I included them in the OCs. When I told Aivan and Ponch that we will have love teams in the fanfic, they asked me if they can also have their love team… And of course, being yaoi fanatic, I agreed to them but in one condition, they will be the love team… Aivan’s name was Shizuo and Ponch’s name was Hayato. But that yaoi matter was just a joke, I didn”t imagine that it will “click” with our classmates. That was during psycho, when I was bored, really bored, that I tried to combine their names, then pooof* hayashi was formed.

    That’s all..:]

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