[POV] Morality and Authority

We often stumble upon the word “Morality”, and technically, our daily actions are conveyed by this. Assessing the question stated above, I began to anticipate what would happen if morality never existed, and we don’t follow certain decrees. So then, is an action morally good because God commands it, or God commands it because it is morally good?

Morality is considered as an accepted moral standard, the act of judging how right or wrong something is. How would I know that something is moral? If I were to base on the Divine Command Theory, an act is obligatory if and only if it is commanded by God. Therefore, we can say that an action is right because God commands it.  If the act is wrong, do we consider it moral because God allows it? But basing on the real world, almost everyone believes that only a right act is moral, and it is also because we are affected by ethics. If that is so, I’d be able to say that morality is arbitrary.

Now talking on my own perception, it says that an action is right when you don’t limit a person according to his capacities, but instead you just set him free, because a person is rational. Whatever he thinks is right will be right for him, and mainly because of the fact that we are all different, and each of us have different interpretations to a specific thing. I am not declaring that God treats Christians as things because whatever He commands they must follow, but what I am referring to is that since we are taught the difference between right and wrong then we base our thinking to whatever we believe, or it’s up to our conscience to weigh. And besides, not everyone in the world are Christians and not everyone relies on one God.

Thus, I don’t agree to the first given statement nor to the second one. Because if God doesn’t allow assassination or any kind of killings, does it follow that penalizing evil-doers is right; shooting a murderer like what’s done by the police nowadays? And to think of the fact that only God can take the life of a person? Or if euthanasia is permitted [by the laws] when a living thing cannot struggle from a complex illness, does it follow that this isn’t moral because a mere human takes the life of a creature? Considering that hospitals and veterinary clinics do it? I therefore conclude that morality’s foundation doesn’t purely depend on God’s will but on the individual himself, dependent to his own choice, authority and conviction on what is right.

[痛い~! my head… it hurts.]

*this was commented on Morality and Authority.

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