Prestigious Universities in the Philippines Theory.

God made the La Sallians TOO RICH

…then the UP students TOO BRAINY.

He combined both to make the Ateneans who are TOO AIRY.

Perfection was when He combined La Salle, UP, and Ateneo…

…a breed of BRAINY, SLIGHTLY RICH, COMPETITIVE, yet HUMBLE individuals was born.

God named them after a saint…

…and He called them..



4 thoughts on “Prestigious Universities in the Philippines Theory.

  1. Hi there. But UST has been established in 1611. Bishop Soc Villegas even called UST as the “mother of all universities” in the Philippines. Don’t you think that UST has a character all its own and not simply a combination of the three? Most of their professors have been graduates of UST or Letran at least in their incipient stages. If you examine closely UST was careful not to be reduced into either stereotypes: “rich”, “brainy” and “airy”. For centuries it remains a “low profile” university despite its achievements: that makes her great. Cheers.

    • Hello there! This was from a text message I received from ages ago that was supposed to “motivate” Thomasians: that they belong to one of the prestigious universities. Some Thomasians, most especially freshmen, feel belittled because they haven’t been admitted to what they believe to be top quality universities (UP, ADMU, DLSU) without really considering that hey, UST is one of the great ones too!

      Now that you mentioned it, I agree that UST has its own unique character, the same way the other universities have theirs. UST has shown its legacy through the years and I couldn’t argue that yes, it still has continued maintaining its “low profile”, humility, and the 3 Cs. Cheers! 🙂

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