done watching NANA 2~!

Watching my favorite Japanese movies on-line is a bummer, so I ordered my Dad a NANA 2 DVD LAST SUMMER, and it came back just THIS SUMMER! gah.
anyway, i was done staring at Kanata Hongo watching NANA 2 just last week, and my review?

damn, why should Kanata look sooo cool?
I soo love NANAAA! and i love Mika Nakashima. Nana 2 is such a very great story, how 2 lives affect each other, and though they were mere strangers, the movie shows how different souls can attract each other. Though I was still wondering why they changed their cast [but was thankful Kanata is there *squeal*] lol. I don’t know, I don’t like Takumi-kun for Hachiko!! And damn, why should Hachiko be so blind? It just reminds me how blind my crush is. Anyway, forget it. I wonder why people get so blind especially when what they’re looking for is just right in front of them; well maybe that means they aren’t right yet for each other.

Hachiko ♥ Nobuuuuuu~!

Aaaand I was shocked when Shin-chan [lol! reminds me of shin-chan cartoon haha~] called Hachiko and told that he’s always there if she needed him. Got jealous. HAHA! Geez, I’m not making any sense at all, am I? I wonder if Shin likes Hachiko. tooooogsh. And I think Oosaki Nana likes Nobu too? I don’t know.

Bottom Line: NANA rules! Black Stones ROCK!!


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