The Stupid 0.2 I Missed.

The day after the Graduation Day, I went back to school again to return my toga and of course to finish signing the effin’ clearance. I keep on asking myself, why do we need to finish signing all these stuff just to see our grades?! @_@

alright. because the answer is, the teacher/s need to see whether the student/s have incomplete requirements and stuff. The bad ugliest thing, some of the teachers kept on delaying our clearances, whether we have complete requirements or not. DANG!

Oh well, unfortunately, I have an incomplete requirement: I haven’t paid those silly class funds and the payment for grad picture. I only have 500 bucks with me, and those 500 bucks are for those silly payments. I thought I’m saved for lunch coz I’ll have 60 bucks left, but no! The corsage thing; I still have to pay that littlest thing! And it costs 50 bucks. See how pricey my dear Divine Light Academy is.
Luckily one-of-my-best-friends, Mary, is around to lend me money, so there! I’m done!
Adviser. Check. Level Leader. Check. Lastly, School Administrator.

That’s easy. He asked us where we’re gonna study, and I told him I will be in UST.
[I forgot to tell I was still deciding by that time, either Mapua or UST. But whatever I’m done.]

I got my card! Hurraaaaaah. No, it’s not hurrah. Why am I seeing a hideous thing.


My English Grade! What happened?

sigh. That’s the only grade that kept me from going in to the Level Honors. U_U
and the awful, terrible, dreadful, appalling, shocking, ghastly, horrific, unpleasant thing is that…


really. DARN IT! When I got home, that’s the time I stared and contemplated about my grade. So here it goes.

English – 86
Mathematics – 88
Science[Physics] – 88
Filipino – 89
Makabayan – 92
Araling Panlipunan – 91
TLE – 91
Computer Education – 93
PEHM – 92
CLVE – 92
CAT – Passed
Elective: Thesis Writing – 88
Elective: Trigonometry – 89
Conduct – 90
Grading System: Cumulative
General Average: 89.30

SEEEEE?!! 0.2! That’ll give me 90! And to be on the level honors, you need 90++ on your average, and no grade lower than 88 in all subjects. STUPID ENGLISH! I considered it to be my favorite, at least one of my favorite subjects aside Math and Chemistry, but still, my DESPISED PHYSICS beat it up! All my grades are already Above Average-Superior in our school curriculum, and it’s really hard to get 90+ in a single subject. :[

That’s it. Now I need to show them how tough I can be when I study real hard.
College is a serious business, so I need to be serious too.
I wanna get those stupid officials in my school..

♥ Janica

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