Congratulations, Graduates!

Last April 1, 2008 [gawd, it’s April Fool’s Day], ourHigh School Graduation took place. Luckily nobody was fooled on that day!

Surely, all of us were anxious of what surprises are up, but we all know who are the honor students. I did not make it and I don’t know why, but I know for one reason that I didn’t make it because I am too lazy enough to study. Darn, how I definitely wanted to be seated on the stage!

[I am not one dumb pupil, it’s just that I don’t study much. :P]

I walked on the aisle, telling myself, “This is it!” while smiling. It was gratifying to be a graduate, though it’s nerve-breaking. When we are announced “Graduates”, everyone applauded. But I kept on thinking where the hell is Flip. :)) My sister said he was there, but I haven’t saw him, so I just didn’t mind and focused on the occasion. Invited to the happening was DLA Year 2000 Class Valedictorian Jamie James Javier gave some introductory speech and explained a lot about College Life. All I can say is, it’s totally a different world. I think I’m not yet ready, considering I’m too young for College, but my mind is not childish! My mind is matured, but I think College would make me look definitely like a College girl [pimples on the face, eyebugs on the eyes, losing a lot of weight, STRESS!]. But whatever, this is the next level. I need to continue and succeed!

This is what we fight for, this is the fruit of all our hard work!

At last it was done, and everyone I guess enjoyed our graduation.

Here’s a special vid for us senior students in DLA 2008. Er, I think those videos I uploaded in YT are the ones when we are singing our Grad and Farewell Song. Anyway, here you go:

Special Vid by Ma’am Lorna: Divine Light Academy Seniors Batch 2007-08

for more of my vids, please go to: My YouTube Channel

♥ JaNii

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