Hell, the thesis defense was so creepy and freaky, and I still can’t forget the stupid mistake I said! Actually, it wasn’t said. I stammered.

2 project defenses happened yesterday [10.03.2008], one for Computer and one for our Thesis/Research Project. Hell, I was expecting to receive good comments from our judges in the Computer project, but hell no, all they did was to criticize. Actually only 2 of the panels. And the questions from them are so out of the topic.

That’s why I was maddened and what I did is to retort their stupid questions. Er, there are no stupid questions. Just stupid people. Anyway…

The thesis defense was a creep! I was so agitated by the Integrity audience and quite intimidated by them, so that’s the reason I stammered. If I talked well and straight in the Computer defense, this is the opposite. So there, at that part in Graph 1.5 [the watch tv part. xD] *we need to discuss further about each Chapter before defending*, I didn’t know how to explain and express myself, and I found my statement going to nowhere! I saw my adviser covering his face [he’s laughing] and also the 2 panels. Damn. Anyway, I said,

“Oh sorry, I’d like to repeat that statement again.”

Then there I’m done! Waaahh… Then blah blah blah. That’s the only part I stammered badly. Then when the defense started, I raise my hands most of the time, but the panels don’t call me. And then they did on the very last question.

Q: What do you think are the psychological effects of tardiness?

no one is answering, and i’m about to raise my hand.

Me: Well I think that punctuality affects not only the student himself but the person’s behavior towards time, how they attend to punctuality, and how they value time..

Panel: Is that a psychological effect?

Me: Ma’am yes, and according to our research stated in the thesis, students who are always tardy attain a higher score in tests that examine anxiety.. *i’m not yet done but i forgot what to say* and that’s all.

The panel nod and wrote the score. I do hope she gave me a good grade!


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