gee, am I a certified PSYCHIC now?!

I had this freakish incident at dismissal time, and I was worrying about my TLE lecture. I needed have to review for a quiz tomorrow for TLE, and I was pondering where I put my lectures. What came into mind is that I left it in my computer notebook, which was at the Computer Lab.

I tugged Emzi to come with me, and she did. While walking our way to the Comp. Lab, halfway from the Lab’s door, approximately 2.25pm, I told Emzi, “Tapos first year ‘yung nandito oh.. Or Freedom!“. And so when we were at the door, I peeped through its window, and I saw some familiar heads, and on the board was a pop-up box.
J: “First year nga! Ay wait.” then I peeped again. Written on the board was, “IHO1_FirstYear…”


Emzi and I rushed to the second floor to check the classroom of Freedom, and ohmyfreakinggosh, the lights are off, meaning, they weren’t there!! So again, we went upstairs, and paused.
J: “Are you sure we’re doing this?”
E: “We can do it!!”
so we did. 3…2…1.

I knocked at the door 3 times, and opened it.

“Good afternoon Ma’am Roanne, pwede pong may kuhain kami sandali?

she said yes, and I saw that crush of Emzi, but I didn’t care. I took my notebook on the shelves and left. When we were about to open the door, somebody called me, “Janica!”. I looked back it was Tiffany and Patricia Dasal, and asked them what they were doing. Then I was so nervous that I didn’t mind their reply, and I went out. We went out.

That was it. Haha.

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