Jan and Jan’s Conversation…

Waaahhh!!! January 30, 2008 up to January 31, 2008..

I talked to my crush who belonged to the F4 [Freedom 4, whatever], and asked of his status..

I don’t know but I never thought it would be such a really long conversation and I never ever thought my infatuation for him would ever come back! But at this point in time, it’s sooo different. It was like 2 different worlds that collided into 1..

I can’t really say what we talked about, but because of his status in Yahoo! Messenger was such a huge talk, and my damn primary pic was a great issue! *By great, I mean, annoying issue.

I don’t know! It’s confidential but all I got to do is to let how I feel be thrown up here.. hahaha! You wanna see the picture that made us talk so much? Here:

jan jan

eldy was the one who made this for me. kawaii ne?


and made by yours truly. ^_^ for eldy~


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